Electric Lunar Scooters

2022 Lunar Rocket™ 2000

Lunar Scooters is excited to announce the all-new 2022 Lunar Rocket™ 2000 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter). This is the world’s fastest stand up / sit down electric scooter. Learn More

  • World’s most powerful & fastest standup/sitdown electric scooter ever made!
  • Most Powerful 2000 Watt BRUSHLESS 48v Electric Motor
  • 48v 50a 20ah Lithium Battery. Rides full speed 90% of the charge
  • 4x the torque, hill climb power & take off speed of 1000 watt series
  • Pulls 250 LB rider up any size hill with ease. No hill kit needed for this beast
  • 22 pounds lighter than other models, weighs only 75 lbs

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2022 Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium™


The wait is over and the all new Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium Turbo is here! This newest addition is the biggest, fastest, and strongest scooter in the Lunar family. Learn More

  • Sit-or-Stand
  • 30-35 MPH
  • up to 26+ miles per charge
  • 22 pounds lighter than other models
  • faster charge times and double the battery life
  • 1200 Watts

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2022 Lunar Nova™

Lunar Scooters is excited to announce the all-new 2020 Lunar Nova™  Learn More


  • 28 MPH Speeds (Based on a 150-Pound Rider on Flat Terrain)
  • 25+ Miles Per Charge (Based on a 150-Pound Rider on Flat Terrain)
  • 250-Pound Weight Limit
  • Built-In Odometer, Speedometer, Battery Gauge
  • Hill Climbing  (30% grade uphill slope)
  • High-Performance Lithium Battery Pack 48v 11ah
  • 600-Watt Brushless Rear Hub Motor (No Chains, Can Be Kicked Without Battery Power)
  • Bright Front & Rear LED lights
  • Rear Dual Shocks & Front Suspension
  • Foldable Design
  • Lightning-Fast Recharge Times
  • High-Quality Electric Disc Brakes
  • 8″ Tires With Upgraded Aluminum Rims (Air-Filled)
  • Rear fender that covers whole rear wheel (prevents splashback)
  • FREE SHIPPING (While Supplies Last)


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2022 Lunar Scooter 1000 Lithium™

Perfect for daily commuting.

Perfect for daily commuting.

The popular Lunar Scooter 1000 is the perfect blend of speed and versatility. Learn More

  • Sit-or-Stand
  • 25-28 MPH
  • 20+ Miles Per Charge
  • 1000 Watts

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