2020 Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium™

(29 customer reviews)

$1,399.00 $1,099.00


The wait is over and the all new Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium Turbo is here! This new addition is bigger, faster, and stronger than its predecessor. With 1200 watts and speeds up to 30-35 MPH, the LS 1200 boldly goes where few scooters dare. You’ll love the longer frame and quicker acceleration. And just like the best-selling LS 1000, its quality craftsmanship and innovative design make it the most reliable and most versatile scooter in its class.

  • Ride Standing or Sitting
  • 1200 Watt Electric Motor
  • Lithium Battery
  • 22 pounds lighter than all other models
  • up to 30-35 MPH*
  • Folding Frame
  • 20-25 miles Per Charge*
  • Removable Seat
  • Econo/Turbo Mode
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No License or Permit Required*
  • Free Shipping




  • The rider who wants it all! Power acceleration. Smooth rides on street and trail. 
  • The armed forces. From veterans,  police, fireman and even mall cops, the lunar 1200 lithium has been helping our brightest and bravest.
  • The city commuter. Easy to get from point A to point B. Long-distance range. Fast top speed.
  • The outdoorsman. Able to handle any terrain you throw at it. Thanks to its rigid frame, knobby tires, and dual suspension.
  • The everyman and any man/woman. All riders. Big and small you will feel comfortable. Removable seat. Easy to operate.  


Lunar Scooters is proud to announce the arrival of the much anticipated all-new 2020 Lunar Scooter 1200 watt with its powerful lithium battery. This is the world’s fastest 36v electric scooter. You have not experienced anything until you take this beast of a scooter for a ride. We have extended the frame 5″ longer than the 1000watt scooter & we replaced all the plastic parts of the 1000watt scooter with SOLID CHROME. This 2020 Scooter has the new Turbo 1200watt motor which is 6.75″ x 4.25″ in Size, upgraded to 3200rpm & uses the most powerful Hi-Tech 1500watt control box pushing out 40amps of power to this huge electric motor! The Lunar Scooter uses the Highest Quality LITHIUM 36v 18amp Battery Pack for the highest range per charge (up to 20-25miles), rides full speed 95% of the charge & has a battery life of 1500 charges on average.

In this video, we see “Ready Eddie” riding the 1200 Lithium 2020 Lunar Scooter through various terrain and putting our scooter to the test

An in-depth video showing off the Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium up close

Compared to the best-selling Lunar Scooter 1000 and 1200, the biggest improvements on the Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium are:

  • High-Performance Lithium Battery Pack 36v 18 amps
  • Never loose power when battery starts to die and get 1,500 charges per battery
  • Lithium battery weighs 22 pounds less than the 1200 and 1000 model
  • Lithium Quick Charger charges 2 hours quicker than other models
  • Hi-Tech 1500watt 40a Smart Controller Box Improved Fuse Housing & Battery Cable Gauge
  • Kickstand w/built-in Shock
  • Econo/Turbo Mode activated button
  • Increased Speed: With a top speed of 30-35+ MPH, this is the fastest electric scooter in its class.
  • Longer Body: The 5” longer frame and 3 inches taller height gives riders more machine
  • More Powerful Motor: An increase of 200 watts and 6 amps.
  • Increased Durability: The footplate and forks (and other plastic parts on the LS 1000) are made of durable chrome.
  • Longer Distance Capacity: with a range of 20-25 miles, literally leave all other scooters miles behind. The highest of any electric scooter in its class.
  • Better Battery: The battery pack has been upgraded to the highest quality Deep Cell 36 Volt system you can buy.
  • Higher RPM (3200): The increase of 400 RPM provides quicker acceleration.
  • Carbon Fiber Splash Plate: Longer than the LS 1000 and made of carbon fiber instead of plastic.
  • Increased Take Off Speed: Added torque allows faster take off speeds, leaving other scooters in the dust.
  • Front Chrome Mono Swing Shock.
  • Upgraded Rear Shock System: Provides increased stability over the bumpy and rough terrain.
  • Steel Rear Plate: Allows for easy installation of additional storage.

More reasons why the Lunar Scooter 1200 beats the competition:

  • Intelligently designed foldable frame for easy carrying and storage.
  • Removable seat lets you choose your riding style — sitting or standing.
  • State of the art platinum battery plugs into any standard outlet.
  • Responsive hand throttle puts you in full control of your speed.
  • Easy-to-read, handlebar-mounted battery charge indicator displays MaxMid, or Min.
  • Quick-response braking with front and rear disc brakes controlled by two hand levers.
  • Anti-theft design prevents seat, batteries, and wheels from being easily removed.
  • Large 11.0″ x 4.1″ pneumatic tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride on or off road.**
  • Durable frame crafted from high-tensile steel.

About the Lithium 1200 watt:

This amazing scooter has been in the works for almost a decade & has now become reality. Our engineers not only created a bigger, more durable, faster, smoother electric scooter, they rebuilt the electric system to make it possible to push a motor bigger than a 1000 watt to higher speeds. In order to do this, we had spent over a year developing the Hi-Tech 1500watt 40amp controller smart box. This allows a 1200watt to reach its full potential in speed & power. Without this increased wattage & amps you would never reach full motor speed or power. Standard control boxes are only 1000watts & 30amps. Very hard to find anything bigger, so that is why we paid very skilled engineers to create this Hi-Tech 1500w 40a Power Supply Control Box.

A huge upgrade to this new 2020 electric scooter is the very powerful 1200watt motor(Increased 200watts), the motor has more amps at 33a (Increased 3.5a), RPM is now at 3200 (Increased 400rpm for more take off speed) & this huge motor is 6.75″ x 4.25″ in Size, the battery pack has been upgraded to the highest quality LITHIUM 36volts system you can buy.

The most amazing feature is it now has the Highest Quality LITHIUM 36v 18amp Battery Pack for the highest range per charge (up to 20-25miles*), rides full speed 95% of the charge & has a battery life of 1500 charges on average. This is double the range per charge & double the battery life & double riding at full speed compared to the Deep Cell battery packs found on our 1000w & 1200w regular scooters. This LiPo battery pack is also 18 lbs lighter than the deep cell battery packs weighing in at only 12 lbs versus our other model’s batteries which weight 30 lbs, so your scooter will be a lot lighter & easier to transport. We also have added the highest quality Front Chrome Mono Swing Shock as well as SOLID CHROME FRONT FORKS to this scooter. It is the top of the line front end assembly you will ever see on a scooter, which gives this scooter the smoothest most stable ride you could possibly ever have.

Specific Scooter Dimensions:

Total length: 50 inches
Width at widest point of scooter: 10 inches
Seat height at lowest setting measures from ground to top of seat: 29.5 inches
Seat height at highest setting measured from the ground to top of seat: 38 inches
Height of the handlebars: 42 inches
Width of the handlebars: 24 inches
Height of Scooter when folded: from ground to top of bars (will it fit in your trunk? You will need 20.5 inches



Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium Specifications:

MOTOR: Turbo 1200watts of raw power.(Fastest electric scooter ever made. Rated at 3200 rpm’s.)

BATTERIES: Highest Quality LITHIUM 36v 18amp Battery Pack (UL listed). BATTERY LIFE is 1400-1500 CYCLES w/ this LiPo Pack.


CHARGE SYSTEM: 110V LiPo Smart Charger 2-color LED status indicator (PLEASE NOTE: If you receive a smaller charger, this is still the lithium charger as we have 2 models)

CONTROLLER: Hi-Tech 1500watt 35 amp Smart Power Control Box

TOP MAX SPEED: 30-35 mph (depends on rider’s weight & terrain)

RANGE: Up to 20-25 miles (based on 150lb rider, avg speed & flat road)

DRIVE: Chain

BRAKES: Disc / Caliper (Front & Rear)

WHEELS: Alum. Mag Rim

TIRES: Huge 11″ x 4″ Off / On-road tires

HANDLEBARS: Billet Stem – 20″ Race Bars

FORKS: Full Suspension Chrome Mono Swing Design (Front & Rear)

FOLDING: Yes-locking

DECK: Metal

FRAME: High-tensile Steel & Chrome



COLORS: Satin deep space black with chrome accents


Click the links below to see our most common frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please call us toll-free at 1-877-827-4264.

How much faster is the Lunar Scooter 1200 than the Lunar Scooter 1000

The Lunar Scooter 1200, in addition to having many other upgraded features, is considerably faster than the Lunar Scooter 1000. With the added 200 watts and added RPM from its more powerful motor, the scooter is now capable of hitting speeds close to 30-35 mph. The most noticeable difference, however, is its increased take-off speed. In addition, this scooter is capable of carrying a 350-pound rider up hills—now that’s power! 

Does the Lunar Scooter 1200 fold?

Yes. The Lunar scooter 1200 folds in under 3 seconds!

Does the Lunar Scooter 1200 come with a warranty?

Lunar Scooters offers a FULL 30-day bumper-to-bumper part warranty on the whole scooter. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. If you have questions about our warranty, please visit the “Return Policy” section at the bottom of the page. You may also e-mail us at 

How easy is the Lunar Scooter 1200 to assemble?

The Lunar Scooter 1200 comes 80% pre-assembled right to your door. All you have to do is follow the easy to read instructions (which include visuals and pictures of the Lunar Scooter 1200) to easily finish assembling your new ride. Check out our option to have your Lunar Scooter fully assembled and delivered to your door. Option available in certain areas, so check availability.

And of course if you need additional help, please call us toll free and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Will my Lunar Scooter 1200 go up hills?

Yes.  With even more power than the Lunar Scooter 1000, The Lunar Scooter 1200 is capable of climbing 45 degree angle hills with ease (based on a 150 pound rider).

Yes. The Lunar Scooter 1200 charges by being plugged into any standard 120 Volt outlet. Your acceleration throttle has three convenient LED lights (labeled MaxMidMin) which light up and indicate the remaining charge on the battery.

How heavy is the Lunar Scooter 1200?

The Lunar Scooter 1200 weighs 75 pounds. If you need to take the scooter up a flight of stairs and want to reduce the weight, the battery pack is easily removable and weighs 12 pounds (making the scooter without the battery just over 60 pounds).

How long will it take to ship to me?

Once your order is placed, scooters and accessories take typically 3 – 7  business days to arrive anywhere within the continental U.S. You are also emailed tracking codes on all items so you can track all products right on the UPS store.

Are they as much fun to ride as they look?


Once you ride one of the Lunar Scooters you will quickly realize “They’re out of this world.”


* It is the customers’ responsibility to check with their local authority since license laws vary state by state.
** Off-road capability not to be confused with “trail rated” capability.  The LS 1200 is best suited for paved surfaces; however, travel on gravel, dirt, and firm sand is possible.
Disclaimer: The Lunar Scooter is intended for mature adult riders ages 16 years and older.

Call us toll free at 1-877-827-4264


29 reviews for 2020 Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium™

  1. Robert altieri

    After reading the reviews, I decided to order the Red Rocket Scooter. Keith, the owner of the company, called me and was asking me a bunch of questions, including my height (I’m only 5’ 6”). He explained that the Red Rocket was going to be too big and my feet would not touch the ground. He steered me in the right direction and I ordered the Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium with Turbo saved ($200), which is more for my height. After ordering and receiving it within 3 days, I put it together without too many issues. I called Keith to ask him a few things and he was extremely helpful and solved my issues. My wife was able to carry it and put it in my car folded up with no problem. I surprised my kids and grandkids when I arrived at their house to try it out. My first time riding it was wonderful. Everyone loved it. My grandkids couldn’t wait to ride with me. They loved it too. My two sons, 30 and 32 years old, who are both over 200 pound body builders, rode it, hit the turbo boost and they actually were pushed back a bit from the power, loved it too. I cannot say enough good things about Keith. His professionalism and demeanor meant the world to me, as I am a very difficult person to deal with. I would HIGHLY recommend Lunar Scooters to anyone who wants to have a terrific experience with a quality product.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      That is one heck of a review. It was really my pleasure working you through the steps to make sure you got exactly what you needed. I remember almost all my riders that purchase from us, and I will absolutely remember how wonderful you, your wife Wendy, and son whose name is also Keith are. Never got your other son’s name. Please know if you need anything at all in the future, that I am always here to help.

  2. Scott K. (verified owner)

    Great scooter 🛴 and even better service. I’m a big guy and I live in the rolling hills of Kentucky. This scooter takes me where I want to go. I am constantly receiving compliments on how robust the build is and how cool it looks.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      Thanks for the kind words. We knew our 1200 Lithium model would live up to your expectations. Happy to hear you are happy. Love the accessories you added to the machine also. Everything looks awesome. Cool stickers.

  3. Michael Loelf (verified owner)


    – Michael Loelf

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Michael,

      Wow! What a story. I think this makes the scooter hall of fame for stories. We can certainly troubleshoot with you over the phone and see what possible needs fixing/repair.

      My first initial thought is that it will need a replacement “control box” which is the computer brain of the scooter since that prob got wet.

      After that the next steps we could go part by part and see what else needs repair- Either way give us a call and lets get you back up and riding-

  4. jason Little

    I bought the 1200w lunar scooter a few months ago and its awesome!!!!!
    I wake up every morning and go for a ride. I like the big tires because when the sidewalks run out It handles the off road too. I like to boost it and go as fast as it can on trails and open roads… plenty of speed and torque to get uphills too.
    This was a great buy and very pleased with my new scooter.

  5. Mike kloster (verified owner)

    I m 69 years old thanks to kieth for steering me to the lunar 1200 scooter. I m very happy with it, it has power and one well built machine. I name it the terminator, my daughter in-law said it remind her of a movie she saw. I recomend it you can’t go wrong.

  6. Roger Wayt

    I purchased the Rocket 1800 in February. It is a terrific scooter. It is responsive and easy to take care of. I had an issue with the rear tire. the inner tube valve stem was improperly assembled at the factory and the valve stem was not entirely perpendicular. last week the tire went flat. I let Lunar Scooter know what happened. Keith called me today and is sending me a free inner tube.
    Great Customer Service

  7. Adam

    To Chunsecter……if your over 18 years old… helmet is required in San Francisco……

  8. chunsecker (verified owner)

    Wow! This thing is for real! I spent quite a bit of time researching scooters online and decided to go with Lunar because the scooters appeared to be well built and heavy duty. Upon opening the box, my assumptions were quickly confirmed. This scooter should stand up to anything. Assembly consisted of mounting the handle bars and inflating the tires to proper psi.
    I haven’t had the opportunity to put many miles on it, but the few times I’ve ridden around town have been a blast. Get lots of stares and a few smiles. I’m not 100% sure if I’m legal or not and I assume I may get pulled over eventually. I am only riding on roads with a 25 mph speed limit and always wear a helmet. I weigh 185, and at top speed it is a little unstable for my comfort. I am planning on upgrading to the hill climbing kit with the larger rear sprocket which should lower the top speed and provide a little more torque.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hey Chun,
      We like hearing that our scooters met your standards. Put some miles on it! Ride till your heart’s content. Our machines can take it. Enjoy.

  9. kennycarron69 (verified owner)

    I was a little fooled by the photo but when I got this scooter home and out of the box I realized very quickly that this thing ain’t no toy it’s a beast!!!

  10. reverse_dragon (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to pull the trigger on this because, at 275lbs I’m at the upper limit of the weight capacity, plus I live in Los Angeles and there are TONS of multiple-mile uphill roads…
    A conversation with the Lunar Scooters crew set my mind at ease, and when I recieved the scooter I was delighted to find that they had UNDERsold it… if anything.
    This thing FLIES! For it’s maiden voyage I buzzed up La Cienega from Venice to Sunset Blvd. Thats 6 miles uphill! After riding all the way home again the power pack was STILL half charged.
    At 6’3” 275lbs it has ample power and is very comfortable to ride. It’s crazy fast and the suspension makes it float like a cloud. Dirt and grass are no problem, and even sand is fine so long as it is dry and relatively firm. I will never live in a major city without one of these again. I’m astounded there aren’t FLEETS of these things all over LA, New York, London… etc. They would be awesome to have in the country or a spread out suberb. Wherever you live, you should get one.
    Get two!

    David D.
    Los Angeles, CA

  11. Ryan

    How many miles will I get and how fast will i be able to go if i am 280lbs?

    • Thomas Andahazy Sr. (verified owner)

      Speed and distance are estimated based on a 150 pound rider on flat terrain. That said, I would say if you are on flat terrain and fluctuating with speed and not going full speed the entire time I would say you could hit maybe 24-28mph and go 14-18 miles. Again these are not facts and just opinion.

  12. Luke

    What’s the range at max speed for a 135lbs person (probably 150lbs with backpack).

    • Thomas Andahazy Sr. (verified owner)

      On mostly flat ground you are looking at at least 18 miles and maybe up to 25 miles. I am 145 pounds and just did a trip all around Philly (some minor hills) yesterday and got 22 miles.

  13. Andrew Lyons (verified owner)

    Fantastic scooter. I am 6’1″ and 325 lbs. This scooter does not hesitate on hills abd gets me going fast. I am so happy with it I want to ride it all the time. Battery charge lasts an amazingly long time. Love everything about it.

  14. Brent Ferrigno (verified owner)

    I Just bought the Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium and it has exceeded all of my expectations, just like Keith said it would. I started with the e zip 400 and after getting the Lunar Lithium, it makes my e 400 feel like a toy. I’m serious…if you want the best scooter on the market, than the Lunar 1200 Lithium is the one to get. It is probably the best money i ever spent. Also Keith was so great, he called me the morning after i ordered it to tell me that it would be on its way. Keith rocks. Thank you!

  15. Karlo

    Lunar cruiser is One of the best scooter out there.. fast and reliable.. can go uphill easily with no problem..
    battery is great too i can go miles and miles before charging again. Light and easy to carry upstairs to my apartment. All in all im satisfied with my scooter. No regret.. thanks keith for an awesome deal.

  16. Chamary stigers

    I love my scooter high speed cool be careful better than blue scooter

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Great picture. Our scooters leave that blue scooter in the dust! Vrooooooooom.

  17. Kaden

    Does it have a system to see when it’s going to die cause I don’t wanna be stuck in 20 miles away and be dead

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Yes, the scooters all have battery gauge meters to alert you of the battery levels.

  18. Master Yenner

    Just got my LS1200 today. It took a awhile to Receive but it was worth the wait. The only suggestion is that the ignition should be made of aluminum instead if plastic. Busted mines by trying to hammer it in. I think Lunar Scooters will have more sales if they switch to FEDEX instead of UPS. Other than the minor quarks, love my new scooter🏍!

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Hey Mr. Yenner,

      Happy you are enjoying your ride. Also helpful points you are bringing to our attention that our team can discuss. Again, thank you for your patronage.

  19. Theresa Kennedy

    Easy to lock up anywhere in the city. I take it everywhere and couldn’t live without it.

  20. Hasan

    Love it fast electric scooter can not wait to I get my lithium battery thank you

  21. Stephen Sutherland

    What can I say about the lunar scooter.It is absolutley awesome!Best money I ever spent.It is very well built,easy to assemble the few parts that you do.And it rides smooth.Im buying an another lithium battery just so I can ride and go that extra distance.The battery lasts long enough its just that I have so much fun riding,I want to just put another one in and keep cruising.It met all my expectations and everything Keith said it would do with my weight “215” it does.15 mph in economy and 22-25 mph in turbo.Mileage is about 15 miles turbo and 20 miles economy.The only negative thing was they were out of stock when I ordered and it took 3 weeks to get.So if your looking for a means of transportation around town thats convenient, economical and just plain fun.Get yourself a lunar scooter.Keith is an amazing person and he will answer all of your questions honestly and promtly.Thanks Keith and lunar scooters!!!

  22. Eric Kaplan

    I ordered my scooter on Tuesday and got it Friday I recommend the scooter to anyone the assembly was very easy and the scooter goes very fast the shipping is also great it’s worth the money but I have a question is the 1200 lithium scooter water proof.

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Hello Eric,

      It is not recommended that the scooter get wet as its 100% percent electric and this could damage the machine. Please ride carefully and refer to the owner manual for safety tips.


  23. Aarush Gupta

    Just received my Lunar scooter. Assembly was not an issue. The people are extremely helpful and Keith helped me clear my doubts over facetime!! Believe that? ahah! Great guy! Great product to use! I would definitely recommend it. It has an amazing speed! Just can’t get enough of it! Thanks a ton!
    Go buy this TODAY!

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Super Thanks Aarush for the nice comment. Its our pleasure to be able to assist all of our amazing Lunar Scooter riders. Thanks again.

  24. Kevin McDonnell

    Dear Mr grabowsky thank you for your awesome lunar scooters! I absolutely love it! I new as soon as I opened the box it was shipped in thàt this scooter was a cut above any electronic scooter I have been looking at that’s iñ this priçe range. the lunar scooters are so solid and sturdy ! nothing was broken or missing. The scooter was completely assembled I just attached the seat and the handle bars which was so easy. Charged the battery’s ànd away I flew ! And I mean flew! I mean this scooter hauls ass! And really gets you to your next location super fast and so much fun to ride! I highly recommend your luñer scooters to añybody who needs affordable and fun transportation! Thanks again for all your help with my new luñar scooter. I am your new best friend.

    Kevin McDonnell.

  25. storm opdahl

    does it go 35 mph with a 100 pound rider

    • Lunar Scooters

      Hello Storm,

      Yes the scooter will easily hit 35 with that weight. Please ride carefully and always wear a helmet.

  26. Isaac

    I had gas scooters growing up they were kool n kinda fast but this e scooter 1200 lithium is insane I weight 240+ and it takes off like nothing else I have seen before specially on electric!went up hills with out any problems it’s a beast!did I mention fast!!worth the $$
    I guarantee u won’t be disappointed!ride it enjoyyy it but be cautious bc once again it’s fast!

    • Lunar Scooters

      Thanks Isaac for the insanely awesome review and happy to see this electric machine exceeding your exceptions.

  27. Hank Baset


    My name is Hank and I own the Lithium Lunar Scooter 1200 Lithium. It performs better than any scooter I have had in the past. I have had it for three weeks now and its perfect for my commute. I have to go 15 miles each way. When I get to my office I simply remove the 12 pound battery and plug it in for another 3 hours and its back to full charge. Takes longer if I go more than 15 miles. This thing can handle anything I can throw at it. Price tag shock for sure, but they have other models for less if thats an issue. I am very pleased with my purchase and the owner and customer service have been the best thing on the market for my needs.

  28. Tim and Laura Stanick

    HOLY S#$&*(# this machines is a beast. I am 225 pounds and I fly!

    *Its off-froad capable. I am a hunter and this machine helps me quitley navigate miles into the woods and sneak up on my prey because this machine is stealth like.

    * I get gawked at with jealousy when I ride it through my town

    * Did I mention its fast. Like stupid fast. I have not taken out the odemeter but I would say I am easily hitting high 20’s with my weight.

    *The battery lasts forever. I charge it hardly ever and it really does last.

    * I wish the handle bars could be adjusted forward and backward to help with my larger frame

    * I would not mind having larger tires

    * Its so much lighter than my 1000, and only makes me want to complain so my next one I get will be even lighter.

    I LOVE THIS THING! recommend to anyone who likes performance at a price well under the ATV’s and other more expensive alternatives. Thanks Lunar crew.

  29. Lindsey K

    To start with, the team at Lunar Scooters was very helpful and knowledgable. They have several option scooters so make sure you choose the right model that is best for what you need. Our family understimated the power of this 1200 lithium. We purchased it for our 15 year old son and it was way too much machine for him. Its ok because the hubby and I stole it and ride it around. We know he will grow into this machine.

    Well built. Fast. Long distance on a single charge.

    A little heavy for me to pick up myself, but if I remove the battery it makes it a little lighter and helps.

    Would purchase again from these guys as I like the product and so far has exceeded our expectations.

    Lindsey K.

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