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All Weather Front Basket For All Models (Removable/Detachable With Easy Carry Handle)

Original price was: $82.00.Current price is: $64.99.

Grocery carrying, utilitarian design. This is a powder-coated metal to give it an almost pastel type softness to the color and unique soft feel. Tired of wrestling with items you carry while riding? Now you can just toss them in here and not have to worry, it has two-wire handles that fold down to either side so that when you’re not using them they aren’t in the way! But wait, you’re already tired of carrying something so why would you want to carry a basket?! Not to worry!! This thing comes with the mount assembly so you simply have to pop it on and now this is hanging off the front of your scooter/bike leaving you free to do things like hold the handlebars with both hands! Also since this is a front mount you will be able to keep an eye on everything that’s in the basket as opposed to having to look back behind you to check on things




  • The wire is stain/waterproof and rustproof thanks to its powder-coated steel construction.
  • Fits on all models! (including your bicycle’s)
  • Mounts to handlebar with a Lift-OFF design bracket
  • No rattle design to keep storage safe and secure
  • Can be removed easily and carried inside as a regular basket for shopping.
  • Dimensions:  13.5 x 9.87 x 9.5
  • Color Options Available- In the Order Checkout notes at the end of your order- please specify the colorOtherwise shipment will be sent based on inventory/stock amount


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