2019 Lunar Cruiser™ Foldable, Electric/Kick Scooter

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* Folds up in under 10 seconds making for easy, compact storage!
* 500 watts of lithium power
* 250 pound weight capacity
* Lightning fast rechargeable lithium battery (with no memory)
* Long Range (18-25 miles on just the battery)*
* Speeds up to 17-20+ MPH (Depends on terrain and driver weight)*
* Built in super bright LED headlight and tail light
* When folded small wheels (2 inch) allow for carrying like a small suitcase
* Weighs only 35 pounds making it easy to carry upstairs and put in a car

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Lunar Scooters is proud to introduce the brand new 2019 Lunar Cruiser™. This is the world’s smartest, lightest, urban Lithium electric scooter in its class. The off road/all terrain Cruiser comes 100% fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box. (Makes sure you fully charge the machine first and fill the air in both tires to the proper PSI prior to taking the scooter for its first voyage). The Lunar Cruiser can be used as a kick scooter and also utilize its powerful 500-watt brushless hub rear motor. Because the Cruiser has no chains it allows for complete free-wheel and unlimited top end speed. You can use the electric thumb throttle at any time you need to turn the Cruiser into a powerful 17-20+ mph scooter capable of carrying weights up to 250 lbs comfortably. The Cruiser can also go up surprisingly steep hills (25% grade with a 150-pound rider). The Cruiser requires ~2 mph speed for the motor to activate. This can be achieved with one single kick. Rides are smooth and quiet thanks to the revolutionary automatic single gear technology. The Cruiser has a unique built in cruise control that helps with long commutes. Also at the touch of your fingertips is the ability to control the bright built-in LED headlight & tail light. The Cruiser is capable of long journeys as long as 18-25 miles on a single charge (depends on rider’s weight and terrain). The complete freewheel with 12” tires allows for very fast speeds. There are no restrictions on top end speed as a kick scooter. Go as fast as you want as there are no chains or sprockets to govern speed. This technological breakthrough is taking off in every city in Europe, and we are so proud to introduce this to the USA market. Our Cruiser is made out of aluminum alloy to make it very lightweight and transportable at only 35 lbs. It folds up in seconds, and you can wheel it around like a piece of rolling luggage for compact storage. This is the future of commuting.


The electric motor and 12″ inflatable wheels offer a silent and comfortable ride, so you can quietly and calmly arrive at your destination


Tedious urban trips become fun as driving over bumpy roads feels like floating on air!


Folding, charging, using, transporting, storing the Lunar Cruiser is so easy!


With the e-motor, the rear wheel is directly driven by the electric engine without mechanical transmission. The count of wearing parts is, thus, reduced to the minimum. Maintenance is simplified

The strength and durability of the frame is provided by high-performance aluminum alloy







Why Buy from Lunar Scooters?

We love our Lunar Scooter riders. Don’t just take our word for it, read all of our honest real customer reviews. We know our electric scooters like no other company. We have 24-hour online email support with trained mechanics to help you with any issue at any time. You can also call us during business hours for help over the phone and get the answers you need. We even video chat (Facetime, Skype) for easy over the phone support. We have every single part for our scooters in stock at all times.

We stay one step above the competition & nobody in the USA beats our customer service, pricing, and quality.


Lunar Cruiser Dimensions:

Cruiser length from front tire to rear tire: 4ft (48 inches)

Cruiser length from front tire to rear tire when folded: (38 inches)

Cruiser width at the widest point: 9 inches

Cruiser height of handlebars at lowest height: 35 inches

Cruiser height of handlebars at highest adjusted height: 44 inches

Cruiser handlebar distance from left handlebar to right handlebar: 23 inches. (keep in mind the handlebars can also be folded down for compact storage)

Cruiser standing deck height from the ground to where you stand with your feet (ground clearance): 5.5 inches

Cruiser when folded from ground to top of machine: 14 inches



Lunar Cruiser Specifications:

Max Rider Weight: 250 lbs

Maximum Speed: up to 17-20+ MPH (Automatic single gear system). Because the scooter can be kicked and coast freely the speed is unrestricted. (depends on road and driver weight)

Mileage:  18-25 miles. Because the scooter can also be kicked the distance is unrestricted.  (depends on road and driver weight)

Permissible Gradient: 15°-25° (depends on your weight)

Motor: 36V 500Watt Brushless Sliding Hub-Motor (No chain so complete freewheel)

Battery: 36v lithium (11 ahr). The battery and charger are UL listed, The safest on the market


Charging Time: 4-6 hours from a completely dead battery. But can be charged at any time for any length of time to give instant power

Cruise Control: Yes. The Cruiser has a built-in cruise control

Charging System: 36v Smart Charger that shuts off when the battery is done charging. Has LED lights (red, when charging, green when done charging) High-quality UL battery & charger

Charge Cycles: Between 850-1000 charges (from fully dead battery to completely charged)

Tire Diameter: 12 inches (air-filled tires). Uses the same tire inflator as a standard bike/car tire

Kickstand: Yes. It has a kickstand located on the rear left side

Splash fenders: Yes. The cruiser comes with both front and rear splash fenders

Brakes: Front and rear disk/caliper brakes (highest quality in the industry)

Working Temperature: Can be used in climates from 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Product Weight: 35lbs

Frame: Strong and lightweight high-tensile aluminum alloy

Lights: Built-in front and rear super bright LED lights (New external front headlight that is 3x brighter then last years model)

Handlebars: Foldable and height adjustable

Folding: Quick folding & locking system

Speedometer: Built-in speedometer that gauges speed, distance (trip odometer) and battery life. Also, controls single speed automatic system and the on/off of LED front and rear lights (to turn the machine on/off simple press middle button on speedometer for 5 seconds. To turn on/off the headlight and taillight press the (+) button for 5 seconds.

Product Dimension: Detailed information listed above

COLOR OPTIONS:: Black Carbon, Interstellar White, Chromasphere Lime Green,

Package Contents: 1 x Lunar Cruiser, 1 x Manual, 1x tool kit, 1 x UL Listed Charger, 1 x UL listed lithium battery (built in)





Our Lunar Cruiser’s can reach speeds up to 17-20+ MPH quickly (based on flat terrain and rider weight). Because this scooter can coast freely due to the fact that it does not have any chain resistance, riders are unrestricted to how fast the machine can go.


Very easy! Usually, it only takes a few minutes for someone to get accustomed to the posture, foot position, and balance in the knees before they’re off and enjoying our Lunar Cruiser in style!

When first learning how to ride the scooter, we recommend stepping on the machine slowly and having a friend nearby for support to lean on. If you are learning solo, then we recommend being near a wall or straight flat surface to support yourself on. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET WHEN RIDING.


We recommend that riders are 14 years of age or older. In order to purchase the buyer must be over the age of 18.


It is up to the buyer to research and abide by all local safety laws in his/her state/city/county. However, we here at Lunar Scooters always recommend wearing a helmet while operating any of our products.


On average, our Lunar Cruisers can travel anywhere from 18-25 miles on a full charge. The scooter distance will depend on speed, inclination, and weight of the rider. However, it can be charged at any time for as little as long as needed to regain power. Also because this scooter also functions as a super smooth kick scooter the range possible is endless.


The Cruiser comes 100% fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box. (Must fill tires to proper PSI, adjust brakes and also charge fully before riding for the first time)


A full charge from a completely drained battery will take between 4-6 hours. We recommend to not exceed that charging time as continuous charging when the battery is full could eventually decrease the battery life.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to research and abide by all local safety laws in his/her state/city/county.


Our Lunar Cruisers are very durable. They are designed with anti-scratch protection to help avoid and prevent scrapes or damage to surfaces. We’ve made it so your investment will keep looking nice and clean for years of riding!


Our Lunar Cruiser’s are rated to handle a maximum weight of 250 lbs.


Our machines are IP54 rated and do just fine with light splashes of water. However, as with any electronic device, it is not recommended to expose any electronic product to any liquid substances as this will present a higher risk of damage to the scooter.


Yes.  But understand our free shipping promotion that is currently running is for buyers having the scooter shipped inside the continental USA. We are currently working with logistic centers to effectively ship worldwide to serve our international customers. If you need an international shipping quote please give us a ring or email us for pricing.


Details regarding our policy for any warranty and return claims are located at the bottom of this page.


Just give us a ring at (877)827-4264 or email us at and we would be happy to answer any/all questions you have.

18 reviews for 2019 Lunar Cruiser™ Foldable, Electric/Kick Scooter

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Truman Dolph

    This little machine is not slow. ITS FAAAAst. I was so surprised by the weight being only 35 pounds that I thought for sure with my 210 pound frame it would have trouble pushing me around. Not the case at all. I can even go up hills. I even hit close to 20mph on flat ground. I am amazed. This thing is my new favorite man toy. Seriously thanks guys. I was not paid to write this review. Everyone stops me and asks me what its called. Great service. Easy checkout. Fast delivery. A++++

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Hey Truman,

      Thanks for the message. Happy to hear you are enjoying your Lunar Cruiser. Just remember when people ask where you got it, say Lunar Scooters.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arthur Wyatt

    This is my first electric scooter I have purchased and its great. I purchased this with the intent to give this to my daughter for her birthday. I quickly realized this machine is capable of hauling me around town so Its become my new favorite ride. Because it has 3 gears, I just keep it on gear 1 which tops of the speed at 7mph so its safe for my 9 year old daughter. I can then switch to gear 3 which propels my 175 pound frame to about 18mph quickly. My daughter also uses the cruiser as a kick scooter and its fun to watch her.

    Overall this is an amazing scooter. Customer service was great. I recommend highly!

    • Keith Grabowsky


      Thanks for leaving us this wonderful review. Happy both you and your daughter are able to enjoy the Lunar Cruiser. Make sure helmets are always worn and ride safely.

      Thanks again,

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brandon Wilkes-Jones

    Where has this scooter been in my life. I luv everthing bout it. fast, smooth ride and can handle my weiht uphills. my wife rides it also. love my lime green color. I get compliment everytime i ride.

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Make sure to let them know where you got it! Lunar Scooters!


  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tibby Lyle

    Hi guys. I am really enjoying my Cruiser. Just wanted to say thanks for your services.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marc-Olivier Carrascosa (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this scooter, sturdy, fast, comfortable and overall good. My only complaint would be the manual which is very cryptic and difficult to decipher, how do I turn on the headlights? other then that, great work.

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Hey Marc,

      Thanks for the comment. In order to turn on the headlights, press and hold the (+) gear button on the speedometer for 3 seconds. Enjoy the ride.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    jeffrey rosenberg (verified owner)

    This is an amazing scooter. It is really like the cadillac of scooters compared to anything you see on the market. It has amazing brakes and it goes over the biggest bumps like it has an air suspension. Today a guy with a $1000 plus scooter looked at my scooter and asked me what the weight was. I said 39lbs. He was really impressed by the huge tires compared to his puny tires. This scooter easily should be around $1500 so I am glad I nabbed it.

    • Keith Grabowsky

      Thanks Jeff for the sweet comment. Btw, its only 35 pounds so even better. 🙂

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome scooter. This can take my heavy body up these hills with ease. I Weight 230 pounds and I carry 26-35pounds of tools in my backpack 3miles round trip 5days a week. This is a heavy duty scooter to carry that much weight this scooter for 7months with no problems what so ever. Still running smooth and I still keeper it clean so it’s still looks brand new I have more then 1,000 miles on this. Would have more miles but on rainy days or moisture days in the bay I do not ride scooter and just walk to work since it’s only 1.4miles away 3miles round trip or take public transportation. I don’t go anywhere without this scooter. I went to metros movie theaters, restaurants, to the dmv, inside city hall through metal detectors, and inside sports bar. As long as you fold it and carry it with you. I’ve notice if you roll it inside some places they will hesitate but if you go inside and carry it with you it’s like nothing. It only weight 25pounds very light. I love this scooter and worth every penny I saved $90 month on a buss pass so basicly I just got my scooter payed off 7 months not using the bus transit what so ever. Worth every penny and the best investment.

    • Keith Grabowsky (verified owner)


      This makes us smile! Knowing that not only this was a good investment that paid off already, but it sounds like you are having fun with it. WOW, 1000 miles. Congrats on being inducted into the 1,000 Lunar cruiser miles club. Thanks again for writing the honest review, and for posting that sweet picture of the bay behind your cruiser.


  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome. Just got it and am having fun already. I weigh 270 and had it close to 20 mph. Only complaint is that the directions that come with the scooter are terrible. Still trying to figure out how I turn on the lights.

    • Keith Grabowsky (verified owner)

      Press and hold the (-) gear button down for 3 seconds and they will turn on. By simply pressing the power button off, turns off the lights automatically.

  9. Rated 3 out of 5

    Neil (verified owner)

    I’m going to be as truthful and as fair as can be.

    I dig the design.
    It’s a spacious scooter, with lots of room for my feet without feeling cramped. Also, the handle bars are wide and the height can be adjusted so it doesn’t feel limiting in my movement and stance.

    The scooters range will go 25 miles + on the 1st gear option as it uses the least amount of power to turn the Motor. The top speed in this gear is 7.5mph
    Top speed in gear 2 was 12.5 mph and the range depletes.
    In 3rd gear, on a completely flat Runway at an airport this achieved 17.4 mph on a fully charged battery. After 10-12 minutes in 3rd gear the speed depletes as well as the battery. Which means less range. I rode this in gear 3 from one town to the next. 8 miles away. It took 41 minutes and I had two bars of battery remaining. Top speed achieved was down the steepest road in town and it managed to reach 22.1mph
    I find the foot lever very difficult to release when folding the scooter up. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    I do like the 5 second activation for cruise control so that you don’t have to keep holding the throttle down.
    The throttle after 3 days no longer springs back up to original position, I have to use my finger to push it back up. This becomes a pain if you stop and forget to move it back to the original position, because the scooter accelerates once you take your hand off the brake.
    I like the lights. The scooter looks great but needs to be refined and the tech specs need to be adjusted.
    I am 5’9 and weigh 137lbs I use it to go from work at an airport to my Yoga studio.
    Very comfortable ride, no rattling and I don’t feel much vibration. Picks up speed quickly, manages steady unhills ( scooter slows down ) fine.
    I like that it rolls when folded and can also be picked up. Also once it is folded, you can stand it vertically and charge it that way, so it is out of the way of most people and doesn’t take up much room.
    Kick stand does a great job.
    Think my greatest worry is whether or not this will last a while. Guess time and use will tell.

    • Keith Grabowsky (verified owner)

      Hey Neil,

      Thank you for the very honest and fair review of the Lunar Cruiser. You make tons of great points and we have some responses to help maximize your riding experience.

      Distance: I am 150 pounds and I can ride on full speed for more than 15 miles and I hit almost 20 mph, which feels super fast on this machine and feels stable. To maximize speed and distance I would remind you to make sure you have proper PSI pressure in both tires, and make sure their there is no drag with the brakes. This can affect the speed and distance tremendously.

      Foot lever: The way folding the scooter works best is to push the handle bars forward quickly and then hit the foot lever and then pull back on the handlebars. It is this rocking motion that allows the quick release. Its designed in this way for safety, so you can’t accidentally just hit the lever while moving and have it release. You can also click the video on the page of the folding/unfolding to see how we do it best.

      Throttle sticking: This is a very easy fix. Sounds like your cruise control on the throttle needs to be adjusted slightly. You can do this within seconds. On the underside of the throttle, you will see a small allen screw. Twist that screw counter clockwise in small increments until the throttle does not stick in any position.

      Last answer to your comment of “will it last?”. Well, If you take a look at the last review Tony G. (Verified Buyer) posted that he just put 1,000 miles on the cruiser and it’s still going STRONG. They posted a picture of the scooter by the Bay. Have a read of that review and it should put you at ease. Also we have hundreds of other happy riders that have the 2016 model and they are also going strong as well.

      Hope this helps answer any concerns you had and once again thanks for the review and for sharing. The Lunar Scooter community thanks you.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tammie (verified owner)

    I love my new cruiser I have gotten it to 17 mph and is so easy to ride. I looks like it has holes to add a seat but don’t see one on the website, is this and option on the Cruiser?

    • Thomas Andahazy Sr. (verified owner)

      Hey Tammie,

      Thanks so much for the review. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the easy to ride Lunar Cruiser. So, to quickly answer your question, this model cruiser does not have an option for a seat. Our newest model though, the Urban 500 does come standard with a seat and storage rack. Hopefully, in the future, you can purchase this model as well and have 2 awesome machines. 1 with a seat and 1 without. The one with the seat goes a little slower than the cruiser model and also weighs about 7 pounds more as well.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fred Mclemore

    Another owner of the sensational lunar cruiser, Boy what a ride first day took it from my job all the way home with 3 bars to spare, the stares the stares like I had a Cadillac or something I might add it was on 16 MPH most of the time. Im selling my bike asap. My wife stated I acted like a child with his favorite toy and boy is she right. Thanx Lunar

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Fred,

      This review made us laugh and smile. It brings us joy to know we are supplying our riders with great machines. Keep on riding and enjoying the jealous voyeurs watching you zip by.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of this scooter. I’m about 30 miles in and I can say it’s fast and has a great battery life. Most importantly for me it is also very durable and takes bad bumps in the sidewalk like a champ. I ordered two other scooters off amazon and both broke from the bad sidewalks where I live. This one is so solid I am not really worried about it, unfortunately it is also significantly heavier than the other scooters I have owned. It does have nice wheels for rolling it when it is folded up though which is a nice touch. All in all, for the price, this is probably one of the best durable electric scooters (with pneumatic tires) you can get.

    I really like too that if one of the parts breaks you can order a replacement straight from the lunar scooter store which makes me feel much better about a 750 dollar purchase. The owner is really nice too.

    You can tell by my rating that I like the pros much more than I dislike the cons but here are 6 pros and 5 cons.

    -Very fast
    -Great battery life
    -Extremely durable
    -One of the best for the price
    -Great support and parts interchangeable if they break
    -Looks good

    -Fairly heavy
    -A bit bigger than it looks in the pictures
    -Slightly hard to wheel it when folded up due to not having a great place to grab it
    -Bottom is only moderately splash proof,. You don’t want to ride this in the rain. It would be nice to have something that is a bit more water resistant (can’t fault it too much for the price though)
    -I can’t really get mine above 20 mph (this is plenty fast though)

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hello Steven,

      Thanks for the awesome and detailed review. We think you hit the nail on the head here. Your pros list is spot on. Regarding the weight concern, we do feel any scooter that is capable of hitting speeds over 15mph needs to have some weight to support the speeds. The scooter weighing only 35 pounds we feel does a great job of making the rider feel safe and secure.

      Happy you are enjoying the ride and found it to be a good value.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve had this scooter for over a year and put over 700 miles on it, so here are my thoughts:

    -This scooter is very practical, it is not very hard to get over 20 miles of range per charge, I’ve done 23 miles with two people.
    -The acceleration is very good, it definitely was quicker off the line than the last 125cc 4 stroke motorbike I rode
    -The brakes are amazing, I’ve had deer jump in front of me and if I was riding my bicycle I definitely would have hit them
    -Seriously tough as hell, I’ve taken it in places where I am not supposed to such as mountains, gone offroading with it at high speeds, and even driven it through some water. It is still running very well, except for the metal bracket which allows the scooter to fold, that bent under the forces of how much offroading I was doing, not the scooter’s fault. I need to replace that 😀

    -Power is great on flat land, but it does struggle to get up some hills
    -The battery indicator isn’t very accurate
    -The user manual doesn’t state everything; for example, there is a hidden menu in the screen which allows you to turn off things like the 2 mph kickstart and lets you switch from km to miles and more
    -Maybe regen braking could be added?
    -Gearing could be a little taller, this thing maxes out at 18 mph and I think if it was geared just a little higher to 20-21 mph it would be much better. It definitely has the power to go faster, but the gearing is limiting it.

    So overall, I really like this scooter. It’s very reliable and very tough. It does a lot more than its supposed to, I hope this thing will last me many more years.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Nakul,

      Thanks for letting the cruisers riders out there that are thinking of making a purchase for putting up an honest in depth 1-year review- That is extremely helpful and 700 miles is quite the journey. We are pleased the Lunar Cruiser is still holding up well after all the use you have said you have put on it. In regards to all your positive feedback here is some insight-

      1. The cruiser is more of a street commuter- It was not built with mountain terrain or big hills in mind. For those types of terrain, our larger faster models with beedy suspension are the right choice (The Lunar Rocket).
      2. We have not encountered any issues with our battery indicators not being accurate, we actually have found the quite the opposite and found the battery gauge super accurate- Give us a ring to troubleshoot that-
      3. We have since taken measures to make our newer models do not require that push to start feature any longer- so issue fixed
      4. Regen braking is very costly- It been something we have considered but honestly keeping the price point lower and with a distance of 20+ miles we don’t see the need just yet-
      5. Also, speed is not what this machine is geared for- Its supposed to go the proper speed to upkeep with cyclists in the city which it does well. A faster machine would not be safe for this style.

      Thanks again for the feedback and for giving you great customer service and support for many more years.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    Bought this awesome scooter from another dealer and saved some cash but the tech support was non-existent via the posted phone number and the e-mail did not fully address my questions.
    Do yourself a favor and before you purchase an item from some cheaper site, reach out a couple of times and see if you get a response.
    Keith from this site was able to help me even though I did even purchase the product from him, a true man of integrity.
    Sometimes the cheaper route is not the best.
    Dave D

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marcus (verified owner)

    So far, Awesome!! I purchased for family for getting back and forth around neighborhood. It is everything I hoped it would be. First, Keith and the customer service provided was outstanding. The Lunar Cruiser arrived in several days. It was easy to unpack and once fully charged in a few hours I was ready to go. It has plenty of power and provides a safe stable ride. It is well put together. Quality features include: large inflatable tires, kickstand, bright head and taillights, large board/platform to stand, strong motor, color (lime green looks great (: ) I looked at others but this one has the complete package for me: battery life, distance, power (220 lbs, no issues), stability and great customer service. My family and I look to years of enjoyment. Will update soon.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      We are so happy you are happy. Your review is very helpful for all to see. Thanks for posting a picture as well. Your cruiser is looking good!! Keep having fun on it and spreading the word about our company.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Antione Lewis

    So far, I’ve had Lunar Rocket 1800 for about a week. I have no complaints at all! This machine is a beast and most than fulfills my needs. I get back and forth to work (about 3 miles away) with no problem in about 7-10 minutes. I hop from pavement to grass to pavement with no problem without even releasing the throttle. Last but not least, LUNAR SCOOTERS REPLACED MY ALREADY BROKEN KICKSTAND FOR FREE!!!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      thanks for the comment- and happy to hear the machine is performing in the beast way it was designed! Also happy we were able to give you replacement bumper to bumper parts replacement fast and for free.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this machine. I need to replace my motor how do I order another on

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hey Erik,

      Happy you like the machine-
      Curious why you would need to replace the motor? That is not really a piece of the machine that needs replacing unless it has sustained damage-

      If the machine is not running or moving its more likely it is a battery issue- Give us a ring if needed to trobleshoot-

      Otherwise all parts are listed in the scooter parts section for this model-

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lance Higginson (verified owner)

    I live in a city that has a competitive market for rental scooters. If your city has this option as well, I’m sure you’re familiar with the hunt to locate a scooter to rent, just to find out its defective or not fully charged. Owning your own personal scooter eliminates that issue. I use my Lunar Cruiser to commute for everyday activities, ie. work, grocery store, daily errands. The combination of its weight and folding capability makes it easy to go from cruising to hopping on a train, bus or Uber and back to cursing. The battery life is great and is easily charged, from any wall outlet. I did have some issues with the lighting system, but customer service went out of their way to correct it, and the newest model addresses those issues. Overall, this is a great-well built product that I recommend to anyone that supports going green, eliminating the cost of car ownership, or just likes to cruise around town.

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