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2022 Lunar Nova™ (28 MPH, 25 Mile, 40 LB, Lithium Electric Scooter)

(12 customer reviews)



  • 28 MPH Speeds (Based on a 150-Pound Rider on Flat Terrain)
  • 25+ Miles Per Charge (Based on a 150-Pound Rider on Flat Terrain)
  • 250-Pound Weight Limit
  • Built-In Odometer, Speedometer, Battery Gauge
  • Hill Climbing  (25% grade uphill slope)
  • High-Performance Lithium Battery Pack 48v 11ah
  • Lithium Fast Charger (Oly 4-5 Hours To Charge a Dead Battery)
  • 600 Watt Brushless Rear Hub Motor (No Chains, Can Be Kicked Without Battery Power)
  • Bright Front & Rear LED lights
  • Ride Sitting or Standing (Seat Option Now Available for Additional Cost)
  • Rear Dual Shocks & Front Suspension
  • Foldable Design
  • Lightning-Fast Recharge Times
  • 8.5″ Tires With Upgraded Aluminum Rims (Air-Filled Front Tire, Solid Rubber airless Rear)
  • FREE SHIPPING (While Supplies Last)

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The 2022 Lunar Nova™ Is The Future of City Commuting

Lunar Scooters is proud to offer the all-new 2022 Lunar Nova™ (Lightweight, 28 mph, 48v Brushless Lithium Smart Electric Scooter). This is the most powerful and compact city scooter on the market. Reach speeds up to 28 mph** on flat roads and 40+ mph downhill speeds. You will blow by any 17 mph city rental scooter you see! Stylish tube lighting gives a modern glow, while the front and rear LED lights to help see and be seen. State-of-the-art speedometer/odometer (built-in cruiser control) with battery life indicator, front drum and back electric brakes, loud horn, and front, and rear suspension are just a few of the fun things waiting for you to try out on the new Nova. Weighing in at just 40 pounds the Lunar Nova™  pushes out a whopping 600 watts of brushless power from its hub motor built into the rear wheel. Because this is a complete freewheel kick scooter (no chains) this means no noise, no need to ever grease up chains, no snagging on pants legs, and an endless kick range when the battery is not needed. To help get you up those hills (rated with a 250 weight limit) this scooter has a very powerful 48 volt 11 amp Lithium battery pack, which will allow you to get up to 25 miles per charge. Cut through the traffic and let’s get you where you need to go.


  • The Urban Commuter: With a weight capacity of 250 pounds this scooter can move you
  • The Student: Nova can tackle the hills on campus and get you to class as fast or as slow as you want)
  • The Techy: All the bells and whistles of today’s latest technology you would want and expect from a Lunar)
  • The Train/Bus Rider: Ease of portability (super lightweight and easy to carry)
  • The Joy Rider: Hit 28 MPH! Enough said.

2022 Lunar Nova™ Specifications:

  • MOTOR: 48V 600w brushless hub motor
  • BATTERY: 48V 11A lithium-ion (certified UL listed)
  • CHARGE SYSTEM: 110v lithium lightning-fast smart charger 2-color LED status indicator
  • CHARGE TIME: On average the battery from completely drained to fully charged takes around 5 hours. The battery can be charged back up to full at any stage
  • CONTROLLER: Hi-tech 600w smart power control box
  • TOP MAX SPEED: 28 MPH flat, 40+ downhill  (Based on a 150-pound rider on flat terrain) NOTE: some cities have speed restrictions for legality- for example, this machine is NYC street legal! In gear 2 it will stay under 20mph. This unit has 3 gears to choose from. When switched onto gear 1- its top speed is 12mph, on gear 2 its top speed is 20 mph and on gear 3 its top speed is 28 mph. These are estimates.
  • RANGE25 miles per charge (based on a 150-pound rider, avg speed on flat terrain)
  • DASHBOARD: Smart LCD display (odometer, speedometer, battery gauge). You can also activate/deactivate a cruise control function. Equipped on the underside of the dashboard is a USB outlet for instant power to charge your phone or devices. Never run out of juice on your smart device again! thanks to built-in fast charging power.
  • BRAKING: When the brakes are engaged the LED side lights flash/blink to alert viewers
  • HANDLEBARS: Foldable and fully adjustable up/down in height to accommodate small and tall riders
  • STANDING FOOT AREA: 8.5-inch wide large standing foot area (grip tape keeps shoes from sliding)
  • BRAKES: front drum, and electric rear brakes (when engaged in rear a smooth electronic secure tightening engages)
  • WHEEL PSI: Front-wheel requires 50 P.S.I air.  Rear-wheel is where the motor is. Thus no air is required in the rear wheel. Its thick rubber
  • KICKSTAND: No. Just kidding. That would be mean if it didn’t. Of course it has a kickstand!
  • TIRES: proportionally sized 8.5″ all-weather off-road/street tires
  • LIGHTS: LED front/rear lights/brake lights. Tubular acrylic red accent lights (press and hold the “MODE” button for three seconds to engage
  • HORN: Built-in bell
  • GEAR SPEEDS: The Nova has 3 gear speed options. 1- restricts speed to 12 mph. speed 2 restricts to 19 mph, speed 3 restricts to 28 mph (downhill can reach 40 mph)
  • SUSPENSION: Front and rear dual spring suspension
  • SEAT: Seat option available for an additional cost
  • FOLDING: Yes-locking 2-second quick-release- Multi-stage locking as well. Meaning you can easily hold/carry the machine in 3 separate modes and allows for easy pick up on and off vehicles thanks to its clever locking/unlocking style.
  • FRAME: Ultra-strong aluminum alloy (lightweight and super durable and rustproof)
  • WEIGHT: 40 LBS
  • WATERPROOF: Fully protected against solid objects and splashing of water from any angle
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE: Can be used in climates from 14 °F To 104 °F degrees Fahrenheit
  • COLOR: Jet Black
  • ASSEMBLY: Comes 95% fully assembled unbox, pop on the front tire (ask for tire assembly video if needed) put air in tires & ride
  • SCOOTER DIMENSIONS: 43 inches long, 45 inches tall from the ground to top of handlebars fully extended, 8.5 inches wide. folded.  39″ x 11″ x 16″
  • KEYWORDS:600 watt scooter, 6000w scooter, 600-watt electric scooter, 600w electric scooter, lunar nova scooter




Click below to see an in-depth review of the Lunar Nova™

Click below to see video footage of the Lunar Nova™ in action™

Click below to see video footage of the LED light test on the Lunar Nova™ in action™

Click below to see video footage of the Lunar Nova™ speed test with a 150 pound rider™


The electric motor and 8.5″ inflatable wheels offer a silent and comfortable ride, so you can quietly and efficiently arrive at your destination


Tedious urban trips become fun! You will find any excuse to get out and ride


Folding, charging, using, transporting, storing the Lunar Nova™ is so easy!


The rear wheel is directly driven by the electric engine without mechanical transmission. The count of wearing parts is, thus, reduced to an absolute minimum. Maintenance is simplified

The strength and durability of the frame is provided by high-performance aluminum alloy making it lightweight and super strong at the same time


What is the difference between a brushed and brushless electric motor?

The 2022 Lunar Nova™ uses the newest technology and houses a brushless motor. The basic difference is: brushless motors are a more advanced technology that produces double the power, run cooler, are more efficient, and much longer-lasting. Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient whereas brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient. This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat. For a more detailed difference simply Google “Brushed vs Brushless Motors”.

Why Buy from Lunar Scooters?

We love our Lunar Scooter riders. Don’t just take our word for it, read all of our honest real customer reviews. We know our electric scooters like no other company. We have 24-hour online email support with trained mechanics to help you with any issue at any time. You can also call us during business hours for help over the phone and get the answers you need. We even video chat (Facetime, Skype, Zoom) for easy over-the-phone support. We have every single part for our scooters and replacement parts always ship free.

We stay one step above the competition & nobody in the USA beats our customer service & quality.



Click the links below to see our most common frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please call us toll-free at 1-877-827-4264.

Does the Lunar Nova™ fold?

Yes. The Lunar Nova™ folds in under 2 seconds!

How long does it take for the Lunar Nova™ to charge from a fully dead battery?

On average the battery from completely drained to fully charged takes around 5 hours. The battery can be charged back up to full at any stage  

Does the Lunar Nova™ come with a warranty?

Lunar Scooters offers a FULL 30-day bumper-to-bumper part warranty on the whole scooter. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. If you have questions about our warranty, please visit the “Return Policy” section at the bottom of the page. You may also e-mail us at

How easy is the Lunar Nova™ to assemble?

The Lunar Nova™ comes more than 95%  pre-assembled right to your door. All you have to do is follow the quick and easy to read initial set up instructions to easily finish assembling your new ride.

And of course, if you need additional help, please call us toll-free and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Will my Lunar Nova™ go up hills?

Yes.  With enough torque to handle 25% grade uphill, the Nova is a great option for hilly areas. This machine can handle semi-steep inclines with a 150-pound rider and moderately steep inclines with a 250-pound rider.

Does the Lunar Nova™ plug into a standard outlet?

Yes. The Lunar Nova™charges by being plugged into any standard 120 Volt outlet. Your onboard throttle has a convenient LED screen that shows you a battery gauge. Do not turn on the machine when the vehicle is plugged into the outlet. The battery indications on the throttle are only for checking during vehicle operation. The provided charger comes with a light that shows green when fully charged and yes it turns the charger off when the battery is fully charged. It is always recommended that after a full charge the charger is unplugged from the outlet and machine.

How lightweight is the Lunar Nova™?

The Lunar Nova™ weighs just 40 pounds total. If you need to take the scooter up a flight of stairs or throw it into a vehicle or on or off a bus, it’s easy.

How long will it take to ship to me?

Once your order is placed, scooters and accessories take typically 3 – 7  business days to arrive anywhere within the continental U.S. You are also emailed tracking codes on all items so you can track all products right on the UPS store website.

Are they as much fun to ride as they look?


Once you ride one of the Lunar Scooters you will quickly realize “They’re out of this world.”

* It is the customers’ responsibility to check with their local authority since license laws vary state by state.
** Off-road capability not to be confused with “trail rated” capability.  The Lunar Nova™ is best suited for paved surfaces; however, travel on gravel, dirt, and firm sand is possible.
***Distances and speeds are provided solely as estimates
Disclaimer: The Lunar Scooter is intended for mature adult riders ages 16 years and older.

Please visit our returns/warranties and safety page before checking out as well. 


Call us toll-free at 1-877-827-4264

Email us at

Additional information

Adjustable Seat

Lunar Nova™ WITH an Adjustable Seat, Lunar Nova™ WITHOUT an Adjustable Seat

12 reviews for 2022 Lunar Nova™ (28 MPH, 25 Mile, 40 LB, Lithium Electric Scooter)

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    This is an awesome scooter.

    I can tell you that I have had the scooter for a few weeks now (I didn’t want to be that guy who had the scooter one day and wrote a review, or worse, just ordered and never rode). I can easily say I don’t really have complaints on this. If I REALLY wanted to get picky, I could say that the handles wobble maybe half a millimeter if they’re not screwed in snugly, but that’s all operator error. Here’s some things I think you’d like to know:

    It’s electric – you pull the trigger, and it goes. Very fast. It has a great acceleration out the gate. But that’s only if you’re in gear three. If you’re in gear two or one, it’s not going to push to get you to a fast speed, it’ll keep you at 10 mph for 1st gear, and around 18 mph for the second gear. I’m right around the suggested weight (160 pound rider), and it works great for me. I easily can ride going 25 mph.

    Shocks work great. It’s not for major off roading, but it will take some dirt paths. My work commute is about 4 miles, and for a small portion, it’s a dirt path. It works great.

    I debated getting the seat or not, and I decided not to. It’s a very comfortable ride standing, so I never felt the need to.

    The charge distance is great. I’ve only ever had the battery get down to about 50%, and charging it only takes a few hours. I usually just charge it at night for a few hours, and then it’s good to go for the next day. I don’t worry about charging it at work, since coming to work only takes up like 10% of the battery. Worst case scenario, if the battery dies, you can still push it and use it like a normal scooter. Super nice.

    If you’re looking for a quick light scooter for the road, I’d say this fits what you need perfectly.

    What really impressed me is getting a call from Keith. He’s the owner. It was nice to hear from him, and we chatted about what I was using the scooter for. Not too often do I get a call from the owner. That was really nice.

    • Keith G.

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you very very much for taking the time to not only write a very helpful and detailed review but also taking the time to point out some very helpful details for riders. You really hit the nail on the head, when you said this machine is awesome. We would like to think we got it right and made this a truly versatile, compact, lightweight, fast commuting scooter. It was my pleasure getting a chance to speak with you directly over the phone to help guide you in your purchasing decision, and it brings me joy to know the Lunar Nova worked out as a good option for you. Hope to hear from you again. Also, do you have any pictures of you on the machine? I’m sure myself and our future lunar community would love to see you enjoying your machine. You can upload pictures and videos in the review section.

      Thank you,

  2. Robert Kiefer (verified owner)

    Hey Keith,

    Thanks for the response, next time I need to order a replacement part, I will definitely call.

    My confusion came from this, there is no listing for replacement parts for the Nova model specifically on your parts portal, nor any pictures of listed parts for my 600 Watt model for comparison. As I do my online work far later than the East Coast has gone to bed, I didn’t think to call.

    I had ordered the brake handle replacement from your site, for the Lunar Cruiser, As I couldn’t see a specific Nova 600 w page. But as it was the same mechanism, with a different under deck connecting port configuration, it was easier for me to snip and strip the wire, and splice it together with proper connectors and heat shrink. I found that these two mechanisms had different brake pressure tolerances to trigger the motor cutoff, so it was advantageous to disconnect the wiring under the deck at the connector for the sake of handling. This fix is workable with, and has not provided any problems. Just no brake lights on the right brake.

    The tire issue was later, and as I couldn’t find specific, picture comparable tubes and tires through your site, with a pictured measurement comparison, I went with Amazon for ease of ordering with certainty.

  3. Robert Kiefer (verified owner)

    Bought mine about a year ago, and I live in Phoenix\Tempe. This scooter has reliably, and dependably paid for itself 50x over!

    After 1600 miles, I have finally encountered my first issues…

    Both of them self made, and easily resolved! After a recent toppling of self, and device. My thanks for the prompt shipping of replacement parts!

    Okay, so through all fault of my own, (staying longer at the bar than usual to make sweet talk to a cute bartender…) I did have a fall, scratching up my face, cracking a rib or two, maybe my pelvic bone (but not skull), Thanks to my trusty helmet!

    Believe me, I KNOW, I got off easy. Don’t drink, and ride, and always be aware of road conditions such as rocks, missing asphalt, potholes, sewage grates, etc.

    Immediate damage was the right brake handle, broken at a critical point so as a constant trip of brake/no accelleration safeguard. Thankfully, I was close to home, and was able to make my way there under kick power.

    Though dismayed at the lack of specific model replacement parts for my NOVA, I was able to order a comparable replacement brake for another model, that worked with some slight splicing. but had to disconnect lighting/brake override lead, due to difficulties. Drum brakes still work well though, which brings me to my next point. Now I know how they work! I had always been curious about drum brakes.

    I also had my first pneumatic tire puncture. after 1600 miles, which amazes me considering all the unavoidable road debris I have run over. Tubes are easy to find on Amazon, and the fact the the front rim is a two piece rim is an ingenious design, that provides for ease of repair. just be sure to get tubes with curved valve stems, straight stems will press against brake drum, and not be able to be inflated further if shorted on air pressure. But I will order this soon, exact matches if anyone needs them…

    I still love this thing. It is my daily driver, and dependable in it’s construction, I’ve only replaced 1 static part, and one damaged component. although I was hoping to se a parts for my specific model page, the service was super fast, shipping was free as promised, a differently designed component itself taught me a bit of mechanical bodging to make it serviceable, didn’t even miss a day of work!

    Fast, and free parts shipping, is awesome! I hope to keep myself tinkering with my Nova as long as it lasts, it is a damn well built machine. But I do hope to see additional/replacement, and perhaps upgrading parts parts for the model soon!

    I look forward to what the future holds for new designs and features to your commuting, and recreational products.

    • Keith G.


      WOW! 1600+ miles in a year. You are a road warrior and we applaud you.

      I am suprised to hear that had to go through all the effort of replacing parts by using third party sites. We sell every part for every scooter on our site. So, you could have just called or emailed us and we could have sent you replacement brake handles and inner tubes no problem. But now you know for the future.

      Happy and safe riding until the next 1,600-mile review.


  4. John G.


    I wanted to reach out really quick and say thanks again for our chat on the phone a few days ago.

    I’ve received, assembled, and LOVE These 2 scooters so far.

    As discussed, I was able to record a top speed on the Lunar Nova, on flat pavement, of 26mph! I’m 6’2” and weigh 186lbs. Wife hit over 29

    Without tucking my body and standing fully upright, I can hit a steady 22-24mph.

    I have attached a photo from a logging app I use which details my route and top speed achieved.

    I will still seek out a means of getting this on video, whether by police radar, or other.

    Thanks again and hope to chat again soon!


    • Keith G.

      Hi John,

      I am so pleased to hear that you and your wife are enjoying the newest model in our lineup. We are thrilled to hear you are hitting 26mph and weigh 186. This is helpful for riders to see that our machines can handle the weight and still perform great. Thanks again for sharing your experience here and also for being a very valued customer and supporter of our brand. Have a great day and ride safe.


  5. Dylan Alverez

    I have now owned my Lunar Nova for almost 6- months. I have put close to 900 miles on it. I use this almost every day to get to and from my job site here in Tulsa. The roads are relatively flat, but this model can handle the terrain and small hills with my 190 pounds just fine. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase. The only thing I wish it had was a seat for those times when I’m exhausted heading home after a long day, I just wish it had a seat so I could relax.

    EDIT: After posting this review, Keith the owner reached out and let me know that future models will have the seat as an added option, which I think will be awesome for riders like me taking this machine to max distance constantly. Btw, I get around 18 miles per charge in my area. Thanks again Keith and the Lunar guys for helping me make the purchase.

    • Keith G.

      Hi Dylan,

      Thanks so much for posting the very helpful review to show our riders that your Nova is still kicking butt with almost 1k miles on it. I love hearing it getting so much good use. I am also happy you mentioned the seat because as mentioned we are getting those Novas with a seat option soon.Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

  6. Rob

    Now riding for a month it is time to share some personal experience.
    I’m a rider that has a racer style. Hanging though corners as fast as possible. Not caring about some sandy area’s, bumps and small jumps. Of course some of these things are not recommended but handling it with a little more care, but hey …… keeping the commute to work fun.
    Right after my order I received a call in regards to the purchase, they want to know what your exact needs are and if the purchase is actually suited for you. After sharing and giving the pointers all was set to go and it is waiting time. Shipping was fast, clear and updated following the tracking number. When the scooter arrived the unpacking begins. Checking my expectations, sturdiness of all parts and all parts needed to finish the front wheel assembly. All fits well. I was worried about the steering and size rod connection, although a little more thin than I would make it, it is strong and good.
    After a quick test and ride it is charging time……. Waiting and waiting……
    Next day it was go time, riding a few miles to get the feel of the scooter, the strength and drive power. All good and great.
    A few days using the scooter to commute the trust and confidence grows more. Sitting and looking at the scooter, not everything is perfect on the esthetic side. The deck is still naked, I did not wanted to use the supplied grip tape for the deck, ugly and short. So I ordered some cheap Deck Tape online and applied it to the naked deck, still not happy…. too much white letters attracting the attention. Being working on some wrapping projects it was easy to add some black matte wrap on the steering pillar. Fixed…….
    Riding for a few times I had some holdback/drop in the throttle going full speed. The documentation advice was to check the throttle magnet….. checked but no fix…. So contacted Keith from Lunar about this. Assuming myself it was the throttle they send me a replacement,… to be sure they send me a control box (brains of the scooter).
    After arrival replaced the throttle…… not fixed……replaced the control box…….. Wham all good…… thanks guys….
    Now racing for weeks without problems, yes with a proper helmet. Everything holds great. Bike riders, cars are looking at me and replying my smile with a smile.
    I’m not using the scooter to fold up and carry or transport it folded, so I’m looking into some slight changes to make it even more to my taste. I would love to have my back tire being a tube instead of the solid tire, perhaps changing the handlebars and steering column to a one solid unit. This would be all because of my way of use. Normally I would advice others to keep it as it is, all is great for folding and storage.
    Because I really love the riding and perhaps some additional off-roading I might see if I would opt for an additional Lunar scooter, but then of course the Rocket and using the Nova for home -> work commute.

    • Keith G.

      Hey Rob,

      Thanks for posting a very detailed review. Since we have sold hundreds of these machines, this is the very 1st control box issue we have encountered with this model. And frankly the only issue to date. No other customers have mentioned having any issues whatsoever with the model at all. That’s the honest truth. But either way, We are pleased we were able to quickly figure out that you needed a replacement control box part (computer for nova) and that it was a quick fix and it got you riding great. We would love to see a picture of the machine with your modifications to the grip tape.

      Thanks again for posting and safe and happy riding.

  7. Robert Kiefer

    The best scooter I’ve owned so far!

    Keith assured me that I would fly on this model being only 5’8 and 140, and he was not exaggerating at all. During my first test run, I clocked 32, at night with low visibility through my complex on perfectly just paved roads. I took it easy, just to get the feel of it and to check for any rattles. After tightening up the brakes to my liking, and one bolt in the front bar to resolve a rattle, I charged her up for my morning ride to work.

    I was shocked when I saw the speedometer top out at 38MPH, and it felt every bit of it to me at the time. Kinda shook me, but upon further review of the throttle computer settings through the speedometer, I discovered that it was at a setting of 10 inch drive wheels as a default, not the 8.5 inch as is installed. After some testing at the 9.0, and 8.0 inch settings, (No fractional settings option.) I had surmised my max speed was 30 flat on the 8.0 inch, with an observed slight incline down at 33 by speed radar. An absolutely frightening speed for one used to solid tire models.

    My last scooter had a top end of 20 on that same incline, but due to the tighter control of the narrower bar width, and lower speed, never got the least bit shaky. My new Nova has a slightly wider bar width, so it took a bit of getting used to as far as steering at top speed.

    But with a pneumatic tire in the front, along with the solid rear wheel hub drive, and shock absorbers on both, she made my usual ride to work the smoothest ever, and my first extended ride of 14 miles further enhanced my comfort at the increased speed with the wider control bar.

    My appreciation goes to the full metal lip at the rear, though I did do an unintentional wheelie (Which was landed right, BTW!) when not minding my weight distribution throttling up. This thing is NOT a toy when set to 100% speed and throttle.

    This model is meant for the experienced, and responsible rental (Lime, Bird, Etc.) user looking to shave a few minutes from, and add a few miles onto their commute.

    I would recommend supplementary lighting if any night riding is in the agenda. As the headlight feature is rather low on the profile, it does not project well at distance. But with the addition of twin 300 lumen accessory headlights onto the agreeably sized for Universal attachment height adjustment bar from my previous model, visibility was much improved except in failing evening light. Further upgrade for navigation lighting is planned, but rider visibility with the acrylic tube light is distinct, and unique enough to be noticed, and the fact that the braking light feature reacts to both front and rear brakes is a welcome feature.

    The folding system is sturdy, but easy to operate with two fingers, and the fold-down design of the handrail with screwing securement makes the folded profile easy to navigate narrow halls and stairwells. And average vehicle trunks an easy fit, just in case you’d rather take a Lyft back due to weather or road conditions.

    Recharge time is comparable to units with batteries at 2/3 the capacity, amperage, and voltage with the charger included. 6 hours from minimum recommended, to full. 28.0 Miles on unit, 2 full charges after initial reciept charge. Battery has not indicated distress of any kind, nor low enough charge to hinder full speed.

    No problems with the design, performance, or build that I can think of, this is a solid mid-sized beast. Well worth the Purchase!

    Though I do have a minor issue with the badging, as I personally do not like the design, and my grip tape appears to have the last 2 inches cut off of the right end, as compared to the bar’s badging design. But this is easily resolved by a new Grip Tape from Zumies I found and like. Murdered out ‘Lectric Tape’ bar with a ‘Pillars of Creation’ Galaxy Grip Deck…

    It’ll be sick AF by the time I get done with it, maybe even visible from the ISS!-) I plan to enjoy my Nova for a long time to come, as it will save me well more than the price in Lyft, for the same time (Proven by timestudy.) per trip!

    -Robert Kiefer

    • Keith G.


      This is hands down the most thorough and thoughtful review I think any Lunar rider has ever posted on this site. It’s incredibly detailed and useful to read all the comparisons and feedback. Thank you so so much for sharing this with our riding community. Heck, it kinda makes me want to go out and ride our lunar nova now after reading this review. Thanks again very much for posting and also providing a picture as well. Ride safe.

  8. Jim S.

    Are you guys coming out with a model thats more powerful than this?

    • Keith G.

      Hi Jim,

      We have 4 models currently on our website. Please call us at 1-877-827-4264 to discuss all the current options we have for you that might fit your specific needs. This model comes in 2 powers (400 watts and 600 watts).


  9. Mira Reese

    I am a mom with 2 very active kids. I got to speak directly with the owner and he recommended this model for my size. I am 120 pounds and 5 feet tall. I must say its exactly what I wanted. I had a Currie and an E-zip as well as a Razor scooter throughout the years, and this model beats them all.

    It’s perfect for going around our town while my kid’s bike. I can more than keep up. I love the size and how compact it is. It folds up and stores in my first-floor closet.

    I have been lucky so far with finding great deals online and feel like for the value this machine cant be beat. I am very pleased with the power and performance and can tell its built very sturdy. I also got a helmet and a lock from Luner and they are wonderful. I will be making more trips out with the kids now. Thanks, Luner scooters.

    Mira Reese (Kansas City)

    • Keith G.


      I recall our conversation and so happy you took the time to leave a review. It means a lot to us. I hope you and the family are enjoying lots of fun outdoor trips now thanks to Lunar Scooters. I was happy to help.
      Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you and if you get a moment please add a photo to the review of you and kids enjoying the ride.


  10. Darren V

    I am new to the scooter world. I did tons of research and fell in love with this nova. I am so happy I did find this model. Its exactly what I needed. I go to and from work and cant take a big heavy scooter up my stairs. This thing weights the perfect weight for me to carry. I am around 175 pound and 5 foot 11. I cant say how much this thing moves me! I hit 29 mph today. I really am impressed I can also go up hills in my area of San Fransico. I will be continuing to tell my friends about Lunar and this awesome machine. Thanks Jason for helping me over the phone with my order.

    Darren V.

    • Keith G.

      Hi Darren,

      I spoke with Jason and he remembers speaking with you and helping you with your order. He says thanks for the love and support. We are happy that you are pleased with the Novas performance. It is quite amazing that a machine this compact and lightweight can go as far and as fast as it can. Please continue to help us spread the word about our machines and we really do appreciate your business and review.


  11. Azaan Salgado

    as another person on here mentioned, I had to wait about 3 weeks for their backorder to come in. Once it did, I was notified right away and the UPS tracking number they gave me told me the exact day it would arrive. Once it did, I was very happy.

    I had to call the company to ask a few troubleshooting questions however. Instructions are vague. (how to change speeds, it has 3 speeds. Also how to change from KM to MPH, but lukily was an easy fix. Ill share here in case anyone else wants to know.

    1. to change the speed on my nova all I had to do was, turn the machine on by pushing the power button on for 4 seconds. once on, I then hit the power button quickly once, until the numbers flashed, then select your speed by hitting mode. 3 is the fastest gear and selecting 1 will give you a top speed around 10 mph. I actually hit 29 mph today on it on gear 3.

    2. to change the km to mph, once the machine is on hold the mode button and power button down for a few seconds until PO shows up on screen, then hit mode a few times until you see MPH show up and then his power again. Thats it.

    I have the Boosted Rev scooter and paid literally double the price than this for a scooter that outperforms my Boosted Rev. I get double the miles than my boosted board and also get the same 29 mph top speed. Also, this thing has a slight suspension that my boosted does not.

    (EDIT)- I asked the Lunar to update this review and mention that Boosted boards are now out of business and no longer even work on machines or carry parts for the machine I have. Lunar has been super helpful throughout this whole purchase and they have been in business for 10+ years and say that are doing fabulous and not going anywhere soon! Nice to know I can get parts in the future.

    I also like the lights and side LED which my boosted does not have. I also like the ride, my boosted is stiff, and this feels like it has a lot more bounce and give. I will say I do like my throttle design on my boosted board better, but thats about it. I say NOVA all the way

    • Keith G.

      Hi Azaan,

      We are so pleased to hear you like your Nova more than your boosted rev. We heard about the brand Boosted going bankrupt and it shocked us. They are an awesome brand, and sorry to see them struggle and sorry to hear they left you and so many riders scrambling to find parts. But we are happy to be able to give you an outstanding product and be here for you now and hopefully for many many years to come. We have a long track history and aren’t going anywhere. We are blessed that we are having the best year of sales to date and we are so happy to be helping so many riders find the scooters of their dreams. thanks again for your review, business, and support.

  12. Vernon Dowling Sr.

    It arrived and what an awesome machine!

    Waited a little longer than I wanted, but after doing my research and looking at all the options available, I decided to go with Lunar. I am very happy with my decision.

    The owner was super helpful over the phone and helped guide me in making the right choice. The nova fits me perfectly. I am 5’11 and around 190 pounds. I still hit the advertised speed of 28 on flat. I have only put about 67 miles total on it since I got it last week but I can say its wonderful. Actually exceeds my expectations. It is well built, lightweight, fast, and goes plenty far enough for my work commute. All in all this machine was one of the best purchases of this crappy 2020 year. Thanks, Lunar Scooters for providing excellent customer service and offering a top-notch machine. You have my support.


    • Keith G.

      Hi Vernon,

      Thanks for being our first review of this new model. We are excited to get tons more awesome reviews on here. We knew it would rock your socks! Enjoy and be safe.

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