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Lunar Rocket 2000™ (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter)

(60 customer reviews)



Lunar Scooters is excited to announce the all-new 2023

Lunar Rocket™ 2000 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter). This is the world’s fastest stand up / sit down electric scooter in its class. Speeds up to 35-40 MPH ***, 24-30 miles per charge, and 3x the torque of our 1200 watt lithium and 4x the torque of our lead-acid battery models, which will take heavier riders up most hills with ease. We put 14″ knobby tires on this beast, dual suspension, dual front and rear disc brakes, which separates this scooter from any other scooter in its class. We added aluminum to the frame making this scooter a lightweight 75 LBS. This is the Lunar Rocket and it’s time to take off!

  • World’s most powerful & fastest standup/sitdown electric scooter in its class!
  • Most Powerful 2000 Watt BRUSHLESS 48v Electric Motor
  • 48v 50a 20ah Lithium Battery. Rides full speed 90% of the charge
  • 4x the torque, hill climb power & take-off speed of 1000 watt series
  • Pulls 250 LB riders up most steep hills with ease. (can carry a 400lb+ rider)
  • 22 pounds lighter than other models, weighs only 75 lbs
  • Speeds up to 35-40 mph *** (based on riders weight and terrain, 45 mph max downhill)*
  • upgraded knobby 14″ tires & aluminum rims
  • A folding frame that locks in place under 2 seconds
  • Lithium fast charger, only 4-5 hours to charge a dead battery
  • 24-30 miles per charge ***(based on riders weight and terrain)
  • Econo/Turbo mode throttle w/ battery indicator gauge
  • No license or permit required * (check local state laws)
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Free Shipping (for a limited time only)


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  • The scooter enthusiast looking for the top of the line in power, speed, distance, and off-road capability. 
  • The door-to-door delivery person. The Rocket ensures the pizza gets to the customer while the cheese is still piping hot! 
  • The hunter. Able to pull large cargo loads long distances- Stealth quietness. Handles any terrain.
  • The city commuter. Potholes don’t stand a chance, thanks to the rugged and robust dual suspension and shocks. 
  • The student. Have steep hills on campus? No worries. The rocket can get you to and from class quickly.  Lehigh University campus bring it on!
  • The tall and heavy. The rocket is manufacturer tested to handle a whopping 350-pound rider without any struggle or strain. 
  • The showoff. When it comes to bragging rights, the rocket outperforms all in its class. Make a statement.


  • High-performance lithium battery pack 48v 50a 20ah
  • Lithium quick charger
  • Bigger chrome front & rear forks
  • Chrome front mono-swing shock
  • Rear dual shocks (for super-smooth rides and bump forgiveness)
  • Big, wide, and super padded comfortable seat (Removable and adjustable in infinite height increments to fit very short and very tall riders )
  • Stainless steel bolts w/ nylon lock nuts
  • High-quality front & rear disc brakes (same high-quality construction used on the most expensive performance bicycles on the market)
  • Key start ignition. This is a safety feature that helps protect your investment.
  • Huge knobby road 14″ Tires with upgraded aluminum rims. These are the largest wheels on any model ever sold! (fill the tires to 40 PSI- look at our accessories section for upgrading your tire valve extensions)
  • Uses hi-tech 2000watt 35/40a 48v smart controller box
  • Improved fuse housing & battery cable gauge (safest in the industry)
  • The extended frame gives the rocket a competitive edge against all other models on the market. (5″ longer and 3″ taller than 1000w scooters)
  • Improved chrome kickstand w/built-in shock absorber
  • Econo/Turbo mode button (with the push of button cut the power to the battery in half to preserve distance)
  • Free external charging adapter included so you can either charge through the side of the machine or take the battery out and charge seperatly
  • COLORS CHOICES:  atomic orange, black carbon, and interstellar white





This is no toy! In fact, many call it the Tesla of scooters:

The 2023 Lunar Rocket™ boasts speeds of 35-40 mph ***(max 45mph downhill), distances per charge of about 24-30 miles, and 3x the torque of our 1200 watt lithium and 4x the torque of our lead-acid battery models; it can easily be called the Tesla of electric scooters.

We put 14″ bigger knobby tires on this scooter along with a chain twice as thick as any other chain on any other electric scooter, so it can handle this speed and torque without sacrificing any safety. These tires can handle any terrain thrown at them. It is equipped with a high output 50a 48v 20ah LifePo4 Lithium battery; it is 80% larger and has double the output of the battery we use in our 1000-lithium. This is the world’s fastest and most powerful built electric scooter in its class. The recommended age is 16 years old and up.

How much faster is our Rocket than all other models sold?

How much faster is our newest Lunar Rocket than every other model we have ever sold? Well, the quick answer is 5,800 RPMs faster. To give a point of reference our Lunar Scooter 1000 model hits only 2,800 rpm’s (revolutions per minute). Our next biggest machine, the 1200 lithium model tops out with a motor rotation speed of 3,200 RPMs. The 2023 Lunar Rocket 2000 hits an incredibly insane 5,800 rpm of speed. It is honestly ready to take off and can even do wheelies it has so much torque!

What is the difference between a brushed and brushless electric motor?

The 2023 Lunar Rocket™ 2000 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter) uses the newest technology and houses a brushless motor. The basic difference is: brushless motors are a more advanced technology that produces double the power, runs cooler, is more efficient, and is longer-lasting. Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient whereas brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient. This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat. For a more detailed difference simply Google “Brushed vs Brushless Motors”.

Lunar Rocket 2000 Specifications:

  • REVIEW SECTION: Please note, when visiting our review section you will see mention of our previous 1800 watt model. We started selling that 1800 watt model roughly 2 years ago. The Rocket 2000 is now our current upgraded model and the newest reviews from the site will reflect the upgrade.
  • MOTOR: BRUSHLESS 2000 watts 48 volts of raw power. (Fastest electric scooter ever made. Rated at 5800 RPMs).
  • BATTERY LIFE: 1400 cycles on average
  • CHARGE SYSTEM: 110V Lithium Smart Charger UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories). 2-color LED status indicator
  • CHARGE TIME: From fully dead expect charge times between 4-5 hours- Because this is a state of the art battery you can charge it for a few minutes or hours when needed w/out damage
  • CONTROLLER: Hi-Tech 2000watt 40amp Smart Power Control Box
  • TOP MAX SPEED: 35-40 mph flat road w/ 180 lb. rider & 45mph max speed downhill ***
  • RANGEUp to 24-30 miles (based on 150lb rider, avg speed & flat road) ***
  • THROTTLE: When you twist the throttle the three lights on the handlebars that are illuminated will adjust. Don’t worry if the lights drop down into the red bar when you are on the machine going full speed. This is normal. All that matters is what the three lights on the throttle say when the machine is stopped. Meaning, if the red, yellow, and green lights are on, you have a full battery, if you have just the yellow and red, you have around half the battery, and if it’s on just the red bar, you should charge the machine asap.
  • DRIVE: Chain (upgraded to larger size and sprocket size from 1200 lithium model)
  • BRAKES: Disc/Caliper (Front & Rear)
  • WHEELS: Alum. Mag Rim
  • SEAT: Adjustable and removable seat that can be adjusted to any height up and down.
  • DECK WIDTH: 11″ inches wide to comfortably accommodate both feet side by side. When we see other machines where you must put one foot in front of the other to ride, we just laugh.
  • TIRES: Huge 14″ x 3″ Off/On-road tires (these tires include an inner tube, same style as a bicycle) FILL TIRES TO 35 PSI
  • HANDLEBARS: Billet Stem – 20″ Race Bars
  • FORKS: Full Suspension Chrome Mono Swing Design (Front & Rear)
  • FOLDING: Yes-locking (Once the handles bars lock down into folded position the whole scooter can be picked up from the stem easily)
  • DECK: ABS non-slip UPVC
  • FRAME: High-tensile Steel & Chrome
  • WEIGHT: 75 LBS
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 350 lbs.
  • COLOR CHOICES atomic orange, black Carbon, or interstellar white
  • SCOOTER DIMENSIONS: 52 inches long, 16 inches at its widest point, and 45 inches off ground to top of handlebars. From the ground to the top of the standing deck where you place your feet is 14 inches high. When folded it is just a sleek 20 inches off the ground to the horizontal handlebar stem. The machine when folded tire to tire is 57 inches long, and when unfolded is 57 inches long tire to tire.
  • KEYWORDS:2000 watt scooter, 2000w scooter, 2000 watt electric scooter, 2000w electric scooter

Why Buy from Lunar Scooters?

ASSEMBLED IN THE USA! That’s right. We are a U.S.A based company and take pride in giving you the best service and support possible. We love our Lunar Scooter riders. Don’t just take our word for it, read all of our honest real customer reviews. We know our electric scooters like no other company. We have 24-hour online email support with trained mechanics to help you with any issue at any time. You can also call us during business hours for help over the phone and get the answers you need. We even video chat (Facetime, Skype) for easy over-the-phone support. We have every single part of our scooters in stock at all times.

We stay one step above the competition & nobody in the USA beats our customer service, pricing, and quality.



Click the links below to see our most common frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please call us toll-free at 1-877-827-4264.

How much faster is the Lunar Rocket than the Lunar Scooter 1200 lithium

The Lunar Rocket, in addition to having many other upgraded features, is considerably faster than the Lunar Scooter 1200. With the added 500 watts and added RPM from its more powerful motor, the scooter is now capable of hitting speeds close to 35-40 mph *** (max 45 mph downhill. The most noticeable difference, however, is its increased take-off speed. In addition, this scooter is capable of carrying a 350-pound rider up hills—now that’s power! 

Does the Lunar Rocket fold?

Yes. The Lunar Rocket folds in under 2 seconds!

Does the Lunar Rocket come with a warranty?

Lunar Scooters offers a FULL 30-day bumper-to-bumper part warranty on the whole scooter. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. If you have questions about our warranty, please visit the “Return Policy” section at the bottom of the page. You may also e-mail us at 

How easy is the Lunar Rocket to assemble?

The Lunar Rocket comes 80% pre-assembled right to your door. All you have to do is follow the easy-to-read instructions (which include visuals and pictures of the Lunar Rocket) to easily finish assembling your new ride. Check out our option to have your Lunar Scooter fully assembled and delivered to your door. This option is only available in certain areas, so please check availability.

And of course, if you need additional help, please call us toll-free and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Will my Lunar Rocket go up hills?

Yes.  With more than 4x the torque of our 1000 series and 3x the torque of our 1200 lithium series, this machine can handle steep inclines with a 150-pound rider and moderately steep inclines with a 250-pound rider.

Does the Lunar Rocket plug into a standard outlet?

Yes. The Lunar Rocket charges by being plugged into any standard 120 Volt outlet. Your acceleration throttle has three convenient LED lights (labeled MaxMidMin) which light up and indicate the remaining charge on the battery.(Do not turn on the machine when the vehicle is plugged into the outlet. The battery indications on the throttle are only for checking during vehicle operation. The provided charger comes with a light that shows green when fully charged and yes it turns the charger off when the battery is fully charged. It is always recommended that after a full charge the charger is unplugged from the outlet and machine. Charging must be done using the external charging adapter provided in the Rockets tool kit bag.

How lightweight is the Lunar Rocket?

The Lunar Rocket weighs just 75 pounds total. If you need to take the scooter up a flight of stairs and want to reduce the weight, the battery pack is easily removable and weighs just 12 pounds (making the scooter without the battery just over 60 pounds).

How long will it take to ship to me?

Once your order is placed, scooters and accessories take typically 3 – 7  business days to arrive anywhere within the continental U.S. You are also emailed tracking codes on all items so you can track all products right on the UPS store.

Are they as much fun to ride as they look?


Once you ride one of the Lunar Scooters you will quickly realize “They’re out of this world.”



* It is the customers’ responsibility to check with their local authority since license laws vary state by state.
** Off-road capability not to be confused with “trail rated” capability.  The LS Rocket is best suited for paved surfaces; however, travel on gravel, dirt, and firm sand is possible.
***Distances and speeds are provided solely as estimates
Disclaimer: The Lunar Scooter is intended for mature adult riders ages 16 years and older.

Please visit our returns/warranties and safety page before checking out as well. 


Call us toll-free at 1-877-827-4264

Email us at


60 reviews for Lunar Rocket 2000™ (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter)

  1. Keith G. (verified owner)

    Hey Paul,

    We are pleased to have helped you resolve your scooter issue and are now eagerly awaiting that review change from a 3 to a 5 and some pictures. Thanks again.

  2. Gordon (verified owner)

    Thanks Keith. This Orange Rocket is awesome! I have had it for a few months now and just enjoy the hell out of it! Like one mentioned above the kickstand was not designed well and actually broke on my first day of use. I was able to re-configure it and still use most of the parts, it works now and was not a huge issue to tackle. After a couple months of enjoyment I now have noticed a couple of the front white bushings in the front fork and suspension has broke. I will need to acquire replacement bushings. The tools that came with it are not great in my opinion, in fact I tossed them. I work in the mechanics field so I have plenty of “Good” tools, was nice they were included though. The longest part of putting it together out of the box was in fact charging the battery. This thing is awesome though! Keith also gave me an extra credit for being a veteran! I would def recommend a purchase through Luna Scooters! Thanks again Keith.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Our pleasure. Thanks for the purchase! We support our veterans and we appreciate your service.

  3. Adam Hill (verified owner)

    I bought the lunar rocket 2000w back in July and wanted to spend some time on it before my review. This scooter is great, I’ve put 130 miles on it so far and loved every minute of it. I’m 6 foot and weigh around 220 now. I have been riding through my local sudivision streets and have topped out around 29mph(I know it can go faster but this isn’t the environment for top speed testing lol). The torque this scooter has is impressive, I am able to get to a comfortable speed very quickly. I had minor concerns that the excellent team at lunar scooters addressed immediately and I am extremely satisfied with their over-all service. I spoke with the owner, who made sure this scooter was a good fit for me personally and was a pleasure to speak with. I rode a good 20.8 miles with a fair amount of stop n go over 4 days of riding before running the battery totally down. This has been the most fun I’ve had since I was a kid. It is a quality product that I will recommend to everyone. Money well spent and I will likely be a repeat customer!!!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for the review. So pleased the machine is performing up to your expectations.

  4. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    Hello Keith and Lunar Scooters!!
    …been quite some time since my last review of this orange beast…lost track of miles…Fl to California at least…ZERO issues…love it more everyday that passes…4 years this April since Keith hooked me up with this animal…I am now 66…ride the neighborhood…mostly upright…no helmet…neighbors take note…I am too cool…God take me this way if you wish…HA!!..still getting about 15 miles a charge on a four year old battery…happy times…get one…gonna get the 2000 in black soon…enjoy youth 😎

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Chuck. great to hear from you after so many years of hiatus. I am pleased to hear the Rocket is still going strong. No surprise there, as we use the highest quality parts and components in the industry. Sounds like your battery is performing exactly as expected. That lithium is rated for around 1,500 charges, so if my math is correct, and riding every day for around 4 years puts us near 1,460 charges on the battery! Wow! It might be time to consider replacing that battery with a new one. If and when that needs to happen I am happy to offer a discount as a loyal return customer for a replacement battery. The same goes for if you decide to get the newest upgraded 2022 Lunar Rocket, I can offer a repeat customer discount as well. Once again, thanks for sharing, and be safe.

  5. DeMario Flowers (Rio) (verified owner)

    Rio (verified owner),
        Overall I have to give it an A minus. 
                    Mind you, I’ve been into these types of scooters for quite some time now. This is actually my 3rd one. Ive had a 1000w, 1200w, and now a 2000w motor. The first two I bought from private sellers. I’m not even really sure what brand the other 2 scooters were but they looked very much like the same and I definitely enjoyed them while they lasted.  I must admit thought this LUNAR T-2000w scooter I just bought is by far the best!  
          First one I had was one helluva machine and just because you had to connect two wires down by the battery to start it (like you were hot wiring it) I still loved it, and began to take a major interest in these models of scooters. To make a long story short, it got stolen. The one after was a real fixer-upper. That thing gave me problems from the first day it came into my possession. I can say that whenever it was working though, it was a Joy to ride. The funny thing is, it got stolen as well. In my own defense I had nothing to do with this one. I actually let a friend borrow it and he got it stolen.
               So now you can see why there was such a big urgency for me to get back to scooting. After countless hours (3 yrs.) on the internet learning about these futuristic eco-friendly, green machines I came to find out that the scooter business really is a lucrative field. Something about lithium batteries only being made in China and all the fake online companies posting under fictitious names it was only right for me to be skeptical. That is until I started researching Lunar Scooters. The reviews were excellent for both the merchandise and the customer service. So when the time came to actually purchase one I was gung-ho about it and I went and purchased the best they had.  
           The scooter arrived on time and was packaged up very well. On top of being easily assembled I also appreciated how sturdy and heavy duty it was. After riding it I was very satisfied and otherwise happy with my purchase. The ride was smooth and I felt very safe. Keep in mind Im a person who rides with no helmet. (Ruff Ryder) (I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone reading this review.) 
           On another note, everything worked properly and it did surpass performance expectations. I did see a couple minor things that could be altered such as the kickstand being small, fragile and angled all crazy and the fact that the scooter is not waterproof or even water resistant. It actually warns you in the instruction manual to not ride In the rain or even moisture at that. You would think that it would at least be water-resistant or have some sort of protection around the important electrical parts. Even if there was a separate protection package to purchase it would be good to utilize. Just to let you know riding in the rain is anything but fun in case you were thinking of doing it. My issue is for after it rains and there’s still water on the ground.
    Last but not least I would like to see a gps built in on the next one or at least attached some how. The harder it is to detach I think the better. You will truly be a person of great interest when traveling on this scooter. All eyes will be on you and the questions of curiosity will be abundant. Im giving 5 stars for the customer service and ability to get repairs and replacement parts. The owner Keith will contact you directly within a reasonable amount of time. You are on one of the hottest new devices of 21st century. Have fun and be safe.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hey Rio,

      This is one of the most thorough reviews I think this site has received in the 12 plus years we have been selling. THANKS a ton for sharing your review here. We are very pleased to hear about your experience and it really does mean a lot when you do business with us, so thanks! On the notes about water, the Lunar Rocket is actually rated at IPX65. visit this link to see exactly what that means.

      Regarding the kickstand, that is something we have not heard being an issue before, but it is certainly something we can look into for future models. GPS idea is a cool one, and the best way we suggest doing that is by downloading the free app “Sports Tracker” which is for android and apple devices and attach on our phone mount holder to the handlebars, and voila!

      Once again thanks for the review Rio


  6. Tim Major (verified owner)

    Rode my Electric scooter 30 miles yesterday with my friend, Chris.
    Started in Hermosa Beach and off to Santa Monica pier. Averaging 17 mph with a top speed of 35 mph ! 🚲
    Made it 21 miles on just one battery too 😮
    Good times 🌞😁🏖

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      I thank you very much for sharing your review on Lunar for others to see. Sounds like it was a great day of riding.

  7. Rodney P. (verified owner)

    Rodney P.
    It’s fast!
    Just got my scooter the other day and it sure can pull me up a hill… the suspension is very very smooth compared to other smaller scooters I’ve ridden and the scooter feels very solid. I’m a heavy dude so the higher weight rating for this model was attractive to me. It handles my weight plus whatever hill I’m on just fine. Very happy with the purchase. My brother and I have been enjoying it a lot.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      The rocket lives up to its name indeed. It’s a FAST machine with tons of torque and hill-climbing capability. The big shocks and wheels help it tackle any little/big bumps with ease. This model can handle hundreds of more pounds of riders’ weight than most other scooters in its class. I know we say 350 pounds, but we have easily put 500+ pounds of load on this bad boy and it did not flinch. Enjoy the machine and have fun riding with the family. What better way than to spend quality bro time together than having some scooting fun!

  8. Clara Alvarez (verified owner)

    Clara Alvarez
    Battery life and build quality
    I really like this scooter. I did a bunch of research before buying it because I wanted to be able to commute to work (about 2 miles) and also use it to get nearby groceries. This model came on top for the things that I was looking for:
    1. The wheels are slightly bigger which means I don’t have to worry about some holes in the road that would trip smaller size wheels.
    2. The top speed that gives me, around 35 km/h is actually comfortable to ride without feeling in danger
    3. It climbs the slopes of draw bridges on my commute
    4. The battery last a long time between charges

    This is a great scooter in general, comfortable, fast, and with great ratio of miles per charge

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hey Clara,

      Thank you for posting such a thorough review for our riders to see. I wanted to re-iterate what point you touched upon because I feel it’s useful. 1. The wheels are indeed the largest in the industry. The only other machines we have seen with wheels bigger and much larger, heavier and bulkier machines that don’t have the same speed, distance, and low price point. 2. Top speed is important, but as you mentioned, feeling safe is also such a big factor in rideability. 3, the rocket has some of the best climbing capabilities of any scooter in this market. 4, distance is indeed long between charges.

      Thanks again for reviewing the rocket.

  9. Jaime64 (verified owner)

    Really a great product
    Good brakes
    All day on it and only used 60% of the battery and I weigh 230lbs
    I use this daily to commute to work and it’s awesome

    – Jaime64

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Jamie,

      So please the Rocket is performing/meeting your expectations. We knew it would take your 230 pounds around all day with no problem at all thanks to its 2000 watts of power. Have fun and thanks for sharing your review with others on our site.

  10. Micheal Ramo (verified owner)

    The scooter is rock solid no wires or too many gadgets, simple and strong
    The best quality, the best scooter you can get for your money. Bought this for myself. Loads of fun. Had for a month now. Ride most every day. I’m 50+. And feel like a kid again. Easy to set up, very sturdy. I have been up to 40 mph. Compact when folded. Great for riding around big parks, lakes, campus, etc. A very smooth ride even on gravel, and dirt. Strongly recommend. Purchased

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Mr. Ramo,

      We like making our riders rehash those fun childhood memories and making you feel like a kid again. Thanks for the fun review. Be safe.

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    I purchased the Lithium 1200 over a year ago and it is still going strong! I would definitely recommend it as a starter scooter. I just recently I made my second purchase from Lunar Scooters (Keith) and bought the 2021 Lunar Rocket 2000™ (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter) Now me and my niece ride together 🙂

    I don’t write reviews often but Keith and this company can be trusted 100%.

    …and as for the 2021 Lunar Rocket 2000™ (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter) its a “Beast” of a machine! 🙂

    thanks Keith for having quality products that last and last!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Jason,

      What more can we say. THANK YOU! It means a lot that you trusted us over the years to keep you and your family safe while also having fun in the process. The 1200 and 2000 are indeed our top-of-the-line machines, so it’s no surprise they are exceeding all of your expecations. In a world where there are lots of companies out there all competing for your business, it’s nice to know you chose us as your commuting option, and for that we thank you. Ride safe.


  12. Matthew S Coughlin (verified owner)

    So I just ordered my Lunar Rocket this morning, I have spent the past year looking online and researching scooters. As a big guy I needed a scooter that would be able to handle my weight ( < 250lbs), provide plenty of power, and not break the bank! I combed hundreds of reviews, Googled just about every scooter manufacturer there is, and the LUNAR ROCKET just checked all the boxes. Keith, the owner, called me to thank me for my purchase and to review my order to make sure that it was the right scooter for me. I cannot understate how refreshing it is to deal with a company concerned about making sure you have the right equipment instead of just selling you the most expensive model. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences after my Rocket arrives, but the ordering process, and customer service has been 5 stars so far!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      First and foremost, your kind words are honestly appreciated. This is not just an automated response, but a true heartfelt Thank you for choosing Lunar as your commuting option. We get it, we know there are TONS of options but know with certainty you made the right choice by choosing us. We cant wait to prove it to you by giving you a product that exceeds all your expectations. After riding your Rocket around for hours of fun and enjoyment day after day, leave us another updated review. Once again, THANKS!

  13. Ryan Patson (verified owner)

    1800 vs 2000 review-

    Hello. My name is Ryan and I live in Portland, Oregon.

    I have been the proud owner of my Lunar 1800 rocket since it first came out. I purchased it from Keith and his team at Lunar about 4 years ago. My family and farm staff have put probably close to 1400 miles on. We ride it here on our 140-acre farm almost every other day and it helps keep our farm running! We can’t say enough about how much this has helped keep our farm operating. No more need for constant gas fill-ups for ATVs. It does not disturb the animals with noise pollution or toxic fumes. It’s all-electric and that’s what we love. Plus, It can handle all our big slopes and even help pull large amounts of cargo across the farm. All in all it’s the best scooter we have ever owned.

    We decided this year to make the upgrade and sell our beloved lunar rocket 1800 to our neighbors down the road and upgrade our machine to the newest 2000 they offer. Boy, are we glad we did. It’s even faster and has more torque and hill-climbing than 1800 we loved. We thought we could not be more impressed by the machine they made years ago, but sure enough, we were happily surprised by the upgrade in this 2000 watt model. This is hands down our best purchase of 2020 year. Good things can happen in 2020!

    Thanks again Lunar and big thanks to Keith who gave us a return customer discount for purchasing a 2nd. We will repeat return customers, again and again, thanks to their great products and customer service.

    -Ryan Patson (Patson Farms)

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Mr. Patson.

      What an honor for us here at Lunar to have your farm being able to sustain itself with a little help from our Rocket machine. We love these types of comments. We also really appreciate your continued support of our products throughout the years and trusting us with such an important role in your business’s day to day operations.

      We would love to see any photos of the scooter on the farm if you happen to have any shots. Please share.

      Once again thank you very much for your business.

  14. Roark

    Thank you so much for the customer service. I had been considering buying one of these scooters for a long time and finally got to buying one. I had a couple of conversations with the owner and that ended up making all the difference in the world because I was able to see how there customer service is amazing and they really care about making sure you buy something that you will like. The owner explained to me how the quality of the product is there and I fully believe that and am extremely happy with my purchase and being able to know that they will back up there product. I highly recommend that you buy a scooter from them. You wont regret it.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      This is so wonderful that our communication was able to put you at ease making this important purchase. We completely understand how large purchases can sometimes prove to be stressful and nervewracking, but we can assure you that you have made a great choice and the scooter will last you many many years of riding. Thanks again for choosing Lunar as your commuting option.

  15. William Rucier



    This is a bad ass scooter, it is a ton of fun and does not disappoint. That being said, however, you MUST wear a quality helmet. I cannot stress enough how important this is. This scooter is no joke and if you don’t respect it and ride it safely you will get hurt!!!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      Thanks for that awesome PSA announcement. We could not agree more. We even sell a “bad ass” motorcycle style helmet. Check it on on our site now! Be safe.

  16. Lary and Cristina (verified owner)

    Just wanted to report that we received the scooter. It looks great, and quite impressed with the way it rides.
    Thanks for the timely shipment. The machine looks & runs great. It has superpower, more than enough for us seniors! The machine rides great with or without the seat. Although, seems much easier to control riding with the seat, and I’m sure easier on longer distances. However, we limited our fun to the neighborhood. Enjoy the stares of envy we get from the neighbors. The grandson stopped by yesterday and took it for a spin, and was thoroughly impressed as well. He was most impressed with the quick take-off and speed. Now it just a matter who gets to ride first! Thanks again for all your help with getting us out there having fun on our new Rocket 2000!
    Lary & Cristina Adams

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Lary and Cristina,

      What a pleasure it was being able to help you both decide which model would best fit your needs. I am pleased to hear the Rocket is working out well for you both.

      Be safe-

  17. Dr. Ronnie (verified owner)

    Forgot to attach my photo. Here is a picture to go along with my review.

    Ronnie R.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Thanks for providing that photo. A picture is worth a thousand words and we can tell from that photo that you are about to have a blast! Thanks again for writing that other very thorough and honest review.

  18. Dr. Ronnie (verified owner)

    In this crazy world of ours, we hear so much about the bad, what about the GOOD 😊!!!

    What about the Good, more like what about the Great😊.

    I purchased the “2020 Lunar Rocket 1800” to buzz me around the Streets of San Francisco. It’s Lunar Scooter’s top of their line & is worth the price and more.

    It has many options, ride it standing or seated, made extremely well & sturdy to say the least, long lasting battery with a Gauge on the handlebar to keep you well informed of the amount of charge left< on battery similar to a Gas Gauge in a Car>.

    Their Customer Service is of Excellence, Exceptional & Extraordinary, truly. They certainly go the extra mile to make sure no question of yours is let unturned. They will respond to your email usually the day they receive it or at the very least the next business. Yes you may call them as well, 1(877)827-4264.

    Would I recommend Lunar Scooter? In several words; Absolutely, Most Definitely…YES!

    Thank you all at Lunar Scooter for taking care of me, being there every step of the way & making it the easiest purchase!

    With Much Appreciation,

    Dr. Ronnie

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Dr. Ronnie,

      Thanks for this exceptional review- What else can we say other than THANK YOU! Ride safe.

  19. Andrew Mackley (verified owner)

    Here’s my review. This scooter is definitely worth the money.

    I am 6 foot 1inches tall and this machines is one of the few ones that will handle my size.

    It’s fun, fast, and easy to ride. It’s very sturdy and a manageable weight for its size. Your not going to find a better scooter anywhere else. I’m my experience lunar scooters offers great customer service. They go the extra mile. I had problems with the chain popping off when I first got it, but thanks to their tips I was able to align the wheel, tighten the chain and it’s working perfect now. Overall a great buy!
    Five star

    And I give permission to lunar scooters to use the photo of me Andrew Mackley on their website. Thanks for everything

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      For a tall guy, the rocket really is perfect for you. Thanks so much for coming to Philly to pick up one of our certified/pre-owned models. Not only did you get to save a few bucks but we got to celebrate your birthday present to yourself together which is special. It was a real pleasure getting to meet you in person and take a nice ride with you across Philadelphia.


    Thanks for a great ongoing experience!!!!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      Thank you for writing the detailed review above/below and for posting these awesome photos!


    See above more pics


    I got this bike from the orig owner a few days ago and loving it. He bought it in Oct 2018 and 2 years into its life it’s still going strong with all orig parts.

    It’s gotta lot of torque taking off, feels super solid, shows longevity by having minimal wear and tear for the amount of time the guy used it.

    I take L.A. potholes like nothing. The suspension is incredible, right but not rough. It’s the only Rocket 1800 I’ve seen around anywhere and it gets a lot of looks. I would not hesitate to get one of these hauls bikes new, even for the price new you get a state of the art machine. Nothing feels cheap on this bike whatsoever. It feels more like a light motorcycle on the street than a scooter but it’s nimble and precise. I want every accessory they make and am truly impressed by the quality and performance on my Rocket.

    One more thing, the knowledgeable and friendly support I’ve received through the Lunar company was amazing too. It was just regarding a billing issue but I learned more about the bike and appreciate the guidance. I was speaking English with a really helpful guy in America that knew everything about the bike. I was floored lol. I got the impression they’d stand behind any issues and do whatever possible to keep happy customers. Awesome!!!!!!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Veronica,
      We are so thankful to have riders like yourself who take the time to share with others your detailed experience. Plus, pictures are worth a thousand words, so thank you even more for providing us some cool shots of your rocket. How lucky are you to have such an impressive model! We are also so happy to hear that our rockets from 2018 are still performing perfectly.
      Our USA support staff is always here to help you in any situation and we are here for you for the next journey your rocket takes.

  23. Dean N. (verified owner)

    Shot on Iphone-

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Looking great Dean. Enjoy the sunny weather and fun ride!

      Thank you for your support during this time. It means a lot to us. Be safe and practice fun and safe social distancing. Looks like, from the looks of it, you will be zooming by everyone safely. Nice.

  24. Ricco Brown (verified owner)

    Way more fun than I expected an I had high expectations . I’m 6’3 245 pounds an this thing moves me great . Slight tug on the handle bars an feather the throttle an yes I’m doing a wheelie on scooter lol. (Try at your own risk) It’s so funny seeing people in cars surprised when I’m moving as fast as them. Very simple machine that looks extremely easy to work on an parts are cheap. I just a big 30 year old kid.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Is it possible to show us a pic? We want to see what this big 30-year-old kid looks like on our rocket!!!
      If it’s easier, you can send us the picture from your phone to and we will attach it to the review.
      I am so pleased to hear that the Rocket moves you with ease! We knew it would. Thanks again for choosing Lunar Scooters over the competition, but it sounds like
      it was a great choice. Be well and stay safe.

  25. Melissa Brannen (verified owner)

    Keith was very helpful! He called to talk to our family about our purchase and made sure that we would be happy with our purchase! After talking to him and realizing that the scooter was for my 11-year-old son, he actually downgraded us to a smaller scooter and refunded us money. He wanted to make sure that it was the safest and best fit for who was going to ride. Very helpful and recommend! Great service and speedy delivery!

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hello Melissa,

      I feel much better knowing that your little guy is riding a safer machine suited for needs. I call almost all riders once they make a purchase to make sure they made a good choice for what they purchased. In this case. I am happy I reached out because Weston will now be riding a machine much more practical for his size and age. We really do appreciate you choosing to do business with us with all the options available. We love knowing that Weston will be riding on a safe and efficient Lunar Scooter. Be well and stay safe.

  26. victor (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd scooter always wanted this one let me tell you something this ride is the sweetest and hell as strong …i live in staten Island which almost every block is a hill it eat them like nothing..i love to see some one riding there electric scooter or bike i zoom pass by them …….

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Victor,

      I absolutely loved your call today. It’s always a real pleasure when someone calls us up to simply say “Thank you!”. That made our day. We are very appreciative we have the awesome riders that we do, and you sir are #1.


  27. Mr. Rusty

    I have not bought this yet, but I am certainly considering it.
    I have 5 questions I’m hoping will get answered.
    1: The foot area looks small from the pics. Is there enough foot room?

    2: Can you adjust the height of the bars? I’m kinda tall and don’t want to ride hunched over.

    3: Is there any looseness or shaking from where it breaks down to fold?

    4: Can I purchase this with street tires and if so, where can I see a pic of it with tires?

    5:Where does it ship from and where is the main office located.

    Other than those concerns, it looks like something I could really enjoy

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Mr. Rusty,

      Thanks very much for your question- I will go ahead and answer them all.

      1. The 1800 has one of the MOST FOOT ROOM of any scooter on the market- Not making that statistic up. You can have a size 20 foot and still have room! Side by side feet also! Only of its kind.
      2. This rocket can accommodate riders comfortably up to 6 feet 4 inches tall. It was designed specifically for larger taller and heavier riders. If you are taller than that please let us know and we can special accommodate-
      3. No shaking at all. The front suspension shock along with rear dual shocks make this for one of the smoothest rides you can get on any scooter on the market- Again, not a bogus claim, but one founded on tested research.
      4. We now offer street tires that you can purchase for this model directly on our website- We do not install them for you, but the swap is easy and should not take more than 20 minutes to swap out yourself once you purchase.
      5. The machines all ship from our warehouse located in South Carolina- Our offices are located in Philadelphia. All parts and scooters ship free- and take under 7 days to reach anywhere in the USA.

      I hope these answer all questions. If you have any others please email and leave these review sections for just reviews please- Or call us direct at 1-877-827-4264.


  28. Randy Porteous

    Keith, you can expect to receive a call from me to place my order for “THE BEAST” within seconds after
    my stimulus check is deposited in my account, which should be shortly after May 1 (my b-day). I’m looking forward to having a life changing experience so late in my year’s as I will be turning 67 years young.
    I’m know my premature rating of five star’s won’t be a disappointment.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      Lunar Scooters is really excited to help dreams come true- We realize that given these uncertain times during this COVID-19 pandemic that life is certainly changed. But one thing is for sure that when I hop on my lunar scooter and practice safe social distancing all while getting exercise and fresh air in my body I feel like a different person. It has honestly kept me sane. Just remember to keep safe distancing when riding around. It will indeed be a life-changing positive experience for us all. Be safe.

  29. Thomas (verified owner)

    This thing is crazy fast. After having it for more than a year I say too fast. I can easily match the speed of the cars on most city streets, it’s just that it doesn’t feel safe.The frame design doesn’t match the speeds. Here is what I’ve done:
    1. Replaced hte knobby tires with street tires (big difference)
    2. Put on new brakes.
    3. Replaced the screws that hold the rear wheel
    Things to do:
    Change the sprocket to trade the top speed for a better acceleration.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for sharing your insights with our Lunar community-

      I agree with some of your statements. Here is my opinion-

      The rocket is indeed FAST! But for our riders who are speed demons, than this is a plus-
      Regarding stability- I do believe the frame to be matched proportionally to the power of the machine-
      By switching out the sprocket size using a hill-climbing kit, this will certainly drop-top speed and add acceleration and hill ability-
      I do not see any reason at all to change out the tires- 99% of riders will use this scooter for all-terrain purposes- switching to just road tires
      will limit the functionality in my opinion-
      Why are you changing screws and brakes? We have the proper hardware on the machine-But hey, whatever floats your boat- or in this case, scoots your scooter!

      Happy riding-

  30. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    2000 miles and near two years of happy cruising…
    April, 2020 will be two years since I was fortunate enough to find Lunar Scooters by chance on the internet…I live in Florida…did some research and found Lunar on the net…called, and…lo-and-behold…A LIVE PERSON!!…Keith himself, owner, answered the phone and was most informative and generous with his time…VERY refreshing…needless to say…I ordered an Atomic Orange Beast and am two years later…the most popular 64 YO in the neighborhood…I blow the golf carts away…30-35 MPH on a scooter thats relatively silent gets plenty of attention…I also agree with Doc Bryces’ review that the street tires are AWESOME…I got a couple of Kenda tires last year, only 15 bucks apiece…great ride…but…what a PAIN to change them out…
    I estimate 2000 miles now, I try not to do only partial charges, try to run battery out…I weigh 205 LBS, and after two years and an estimated 100-125 charges or so, I am a just a little disappointed that I may have lost five miles or so off the estimated 25-30 mile range, although that doesn’t seem too unreasonable after two years, but…the darn battery replacement is 400 bucks…all in all, still love it, still say Keith is an owner that gives a dam, and hopefully I can get another two or three years out of this one…after that…I’m getting a A WHITE ONE…happy scootering…CS

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      ok. WOW!!! CHUCK, I love this. In every way. If/When it comes time for a replacement battery just give me a ring and ask for me and I will hook you up because you have been incredibly kind by leaving these reviews for riders-

  31. Dr. Bryce (verified owner)

    Get it; I guarantee it’ll be the best $1,300 you’ve ever spent. We live in a little place called Gladstone, Oregon–a quaint town (most people joke that it’s Maybury) of 3sq miles. Luckily the scooter comes in Orange and Black–the town high school colors. My husband and I own a holistic wellness shop ( just five blocks down the road, so this little beast has become our 2nd car. I also plan and MC our local community festival, which as a parade. At 9:30 one fine August morning, I was riding around with a megaphone strapped to myself waking them up in preparation for the parade soon to begin.

    Since I’m doing all-street riding, the knobbies were chewed up in about 4 months of riding it daily (up to 5+ miles, I actually take the long route to work, it’s only five blocks down one street, or I can take the pedestrian path that’s 3mi, crossing two rivers and going through a nature park.)
    I switched to road tires, and the ride is AMAZING! I thought it was good before, but now the scooter is absolutely silent. I seriously love my scooter, and one of my favorite things about it is that it’s completely unbranded. They throw in some decals you can put on there, but meh. I ride this guy for at least a hundred miles per month and I love it.

    WARNING: Don’t run it up hills for any extended period of time. My front control box completely blew out and fused together after a particularly long ride with many hills. When I called, Keith sent me the replacement parts (was still under warranty) and made everything right.

    The best thing I have to say about buying the scooter through this site is that their customer service is impeccable. They have always returned my calls and emails, threw in extra parts when things went south, and more than anything, they’re nice.

    Thank you Keith and Staff for giving me such a fun daily commute.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Dr. Bryce,

      It is wonderful to hear that Lunar Scooters is providing you with a scooter that has become your 2nd car replacement option. We love hearing that. Any way to cut down on carbon emissions is a plus in our book.
      Also what a cool way to get the word on (megaphone!!). Love it.

      We are always here to help and happy our services and product have given you such enjoyment. Here is to the next 1k miles!

  32. bryan

    i wanna ask you about turbo button , it’s will active when i click or unclick ? and i dun know why i was ordered orange color but u sent to me the white one ???

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Brian,

      I had been in contact with your girlfriend who made the purchase on your behalf and I had told her we only had white in stock at the time. She said that was fine. So that is what was shipped-

      Regarding the turbo/econo button, when the button is pressed in it cuts the speed of the motor down, when left out it is in turbo mode. Hope this clarifies things.

  33. Nick

    I just bought one and it is awesome. I love it. Kieth the owner of lunar scooters is very helpful if you have any questions about it.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hey Nick,

      Thanks for the nice comment. Do you have a picture you can add to the review? Thanks

  34. Shakur

    Hello i live in Germany how can i find one realy i need one did you have branch here Europe thanks.
    I’m waiting your reply. By Email.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hello Shakur,

      At this time our distribution is only inside of the USA. Since we offer free shipping anywhere inside the us, I would suggest shipping to the closest destination here and making secondary travel arrangements once it gets to your location in the US.

  35. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    KEITH…Let me say first and foremost…THANK YOU for the phone call, even tho I was out…taking the time to explain the “tariffs” was very much appreciated…and…I support Trumps efforts…hopefully He will get it done…I have referred the neighbors that ask about my bike to you and your follow-up is a great reason why…I get it, and will stop whining now, and get on with my review…God Bless…Chuck S

    I now have amassed OVER ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED MILES ON MY ROCKET!!…this last 500 took a little longer than the first, but one thing’s for sure…I still look for every excuse I can to ride this beast!!…everything still A-OK, as a matter of fact, for myself, even BETTER than the first 1000 miles…Why??…I ordered a smaller sprocket…actually, I believe it is the stock one that comes on the Lunar 1200…about an inch and a half or so SMALLER diameter…needed the matching chain too, and smaller sprocket makes for less torque, but a little faster speed…I am 64 next month, as I said in my last review, I “lost it” only once when the Turbo button was inadvertently ON…I am too old for wheelies, and this machine will do them, however, I am even happier now than I was…I’m hitting 35 down a slight grade in my neighborhood WITHOUT Turbo…the torque is fine for Florida…no hills…and this thing still MOVES PRETTY DARN QUICK OFF THE LINE…kept up with my little grad-daughters mini bike!!…I still love it, and am already thinking about when I am going to have to get another one, because Ive worn this one out…and…I’ll stick with Lunar…they’ll still be around…THANK YOU TO OWNER KEITH, WHO ALWAYS CALLS BACK IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION!!…Happy Scootering to all…Chuck S…

  36. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    Keith…that should say…1500 MILE REVEIW (had one at 500 and one at 1000) Thanks CS…

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Perfect. Noted- I think riders will see its still going strong so thanks for the information.

  37. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    KEITH…Let me say first and foremost…THANK YOU for the phone call, even tho I was out…taking the time to explain the “tariffs” was very much appreciated…and…I support Trumps efforts…hopefully he will get it done…I have referred the neighbors that ask about my bike to you and your follow-up is a great reason why…I get it, and will stop whining now, and get on with my review…God Bless…Chuck S

    I now have amassed OVER ONE THOUSAND MILES ON MY ROCKET!!…this last 500 took a little longer than the first, but one thing’s for sure…I still look for every excuse I can to ride this beast!!…everything still A-OK, as a matter of fact, for myself, even BETTER than the first 500 miles…Why??…I ordered a smaller sprocket…actually, I believe it is the stock one that comes on the Lunar 1200…about an inch and a half or so SMALLER diameter…needed the matching chain too, and smaller sprocket makes for less torque, but a little faster speed…I am 64 next month, as I said in my last review, I “lost it” only once when the Turbo button was inadvertently ON…I am too old for wheelies, and this machine will do them, however, I am even happier now than I was…I weigh 205 and .I’m hitting 35 down a slight grade in my neighborhood WITHOUT Turbo…I’m sure 45 is attainable, but not by me!!…the torque is actually fine for Florida…no hills…and this thing still MOVES PRETTY DARN QUICK OFF THE LINE…kept up with my little grad-daughters mini bike!!…I still love it, and am already thinking about when I am going to have to get another one, because Ive worn this one out…and…I’ll stick with Lunar…they’ll still be around…THANK YOU TO OWNER KEITH, WHO ALWAYS CALLS BACK IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION!!…Happy Scootering to all…Chuck S…

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      Thanks so much for the review- WOW 1,500 miles. I am curious who else out there with one of our rockets can beat that awesome mileage. Anyone in the 5k Mile club yet? If so, reply here and post some update pics and reviews. Once again thanks Chuck for the love and support.

  38. Leonard Worley

    I had my first electric scooter in 2002 and it raised eyes but it was brand new to most. The Lunar is mega fast and I ride all through downtown DC all day and night. I added a front light and back light and plan to put led lights on bottom to make glowing effect. If you live in the city this is major convenience. Only one downfall it needs to have a left and right blinker and a light up effect so people know yor coming. Other than that get your Lunar it’s a blast.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)


      Sounds like you have blinged out your ride! Can we see a pic after you add the lights on the bottom? I know on behalf of our riders that we would love to see what the finished result looks like. Thanks for posting and sharing your experience with the Rocket thus far.

  39. Ryan S

    The Lunar Rocket 1800 is the best adult toy ever!

    The purchase of the Lunar Rocket was bought to be the best adult toy I ever bought. Turns out that the Lunar Rocket is just as practical.

    Multiple Trips into Center City from my office (a ride that takes approximately 20 minutes) at about 8 to 10 miles (each way) has been a fun and much less expensive trip. Additionally, I bought a $90 bike lock, disconnect the batteries (which I take with me in their pack) and lock-up the scooter where you’d park a bike.

    Over the last month, I have saved more than $150 in parking fees alone; but had a blast doing it. Additionally, I have saved a great deal of time not getting stuck in vehicle traffic when coming from Center City during rush hour.

    * Fast – Average speed for me over 80 miles traveled so far is about 20 mph
    * Takes the hits of City potholes, sidewalks and streets
    * Versatile
    * Inexpensive form of City travel
    * 20+ miles per full charge is more than enough
    * Amazing service and response times from Lunar Scooter. Owner, Keith, is on-the-top of his game, especially in an industry that is unregulated and very sporadic.

    * Heavy. The scooter is at least 65 lbs. Not easy to load into a vehicle, of any kind. But the weight (in my opinion) helps with City streets.
    * Battery indicator. The battery indicator is not very consistent and does not provide enough detail. So, you need to ride a bit to find out how it reads.
    * Brakes. Personal preference here. I’d like the next model to have larger, more secure brakes. When doing top speed, it is hard to stop within a practical distance.

    P.S. – This model does not have a GPS or speedometer, so you will need to buy a Bike Phone Holder and download an app. I use Speedometer, a free app with a 99% accuracy rating.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hi Ryan,

      What a very thoughtful and thorough review. You address some great points here. I am sure future riders will be very thankful to have this information.

      Regarding your Upsides: Thank you so much for acknowledging all the hard work that goes into our company and our products

      Regarding Downsides: Scooter is sturdy indeed to handle those big city potholes. If lightweight is what riders need/want the cruiser model we sell is perfect for that.
      Battery indicator: You are 100% right. The gauge could be made to be more advanced/sensitive, but your solution of using an app to learn the color levels of our indicator is brilliant.
      Brakes: Adjusting the brakes is the same system as any bicycle. If that is not something you have done before a quick youtube search of “Adjusting Mechanical Disk Brakes” can help you out with making sure to get the adjustments just right. Its the same exact system on all bikes so any bike shop could also adjust for you if ever needed.

      Once again thanks for the review and sweet picture.

  40. Tinh

    How do you go on econo mode

    • Keith G.

      Press in the red button on the throttle once- When pressed in Econo mode is engaded- When depressed you are in Turbo mode-

  41. brian

    this scooter takes you from point A to point B in the same time as a car would. Great!

    • Keith G.

      Happy to hear-
      As fast as a car commute- No parking issues- No nasty car emissions- That is what we love about LUNAR.

  42. Tinh

    Absolute perfection rocket is no joke I’m just going to say as a 15 years old (did it so you know roughly how old I am) this is perfect for going to school takes you there fast and can charge in school.

    • Keith G.

      Please be safe and always wear a helmet- The machine is intended for riders 16 years of age and older-Also make sure you always charge the machine in a safe location *this is mentioned in the safety instruction.
      Happy ridding.

  43. Aden Alesis

    Must say, that the scooter runs perfect and a great fun machine and yes rocket name fits it perfect. Damn it’s fast either on road or off road WOW!!!

    • Keith G.

      Very happy to hear this news! the ROCKET name fits.

  44. David Greenberg

    Owned now for 6 months-
    1. fast
    2. goes the distance- I am 6 foot 3 and roughly 250 pounds and I can go anywhere with this. I usually go between 15-25 miles on a single commute without issue-
    3. I enjoy the build quality- I beat it up and it handles the abuse
    4. Love the shocks- Can go over big bumps and rocks without issue
    5. Tires are sturdy- I hit potholes here in Ashville and have had no issues. My bike tires have been replaced 2 times since I purchased this machine. So the rubber is thicker than a bike.

    1. not easy to get on and off the subway- I realize for its size its more of a street/off-road machine, not meant to be moved up and down stairs that easily. I do it anyway and its hard on the back.
    2. wish the handlebars were higher- I am 6’3 and have to bend over slightly when standing up to make it comfy- I would say its ok, but really designed for 6 foot and under for everyday use- I usually use the seat anyway which is perfect.
    3. I wish the machine had a digital battery gauge so I knew exactly to the number how much juice is left.

    All in all, a smooth, fast, and fun ride-

    • Keith G.

      Hello David,

      First off, thanks very much for the review- Its helpful to see what is working well and what we need to look into for the future-

      in regards to the cons part-
      1. I do understand how big the rocket can feel sometimes. For subaway/stairs our lunar cruiser is really designed for urban settings. The rocket is much more of an off road beast.
      2. The bars are the longest they can be to allow for folding of the rocket and still fit in a trunk. Maybe on future designs we can find a way to fold them somehow.
      3. That would be a nice feature- Our cruiser model has this feature and its nice, but it does add a lot to the cost- We wanted to keep the machine cost down as much as possible. The battery gauge on the machine now is good also, I realize its not digial but the red, yellow and green bars do work.

  45. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    1000 MILE REVIEW…Took me a little longer to get to 1000 miles for my second review…all is soooo well…still love this machine…got away from me once on takeoff with the “turbo” button unintentionally activated…little damage…be CAREFUL…this is not a toy!!…the only little issue I have is constant attention to the chain drive system…do yourself a favor and build a little stand so the rear tire is off the ground when making chain adjustments…the right tension and a well lubricated chain make your drive so quiet and smooth…leave A LITTLE PLAY IN THE CHAIN TENSION…the chain should have A LITTLE “give” to it…maybe a half inch of movement up and down with moderate pressure halfway between the two sprockets…otherwise, the chain is quite noisy and the HUM from the motor seems like it is straining…keep your chain damp with a good lube…silicone spray doesn’t last long, I like using the wetter lube spray like the one I use on my garage door rollers…put a rag or old towel under and behind the rear wheel to catch the lubricant so it doesnt make a mess of your driveway…while on your stand you can accelerate to knock off some excsess…all in all, this is a great bike…the Tesla of electric scooters…finally, distributers come and go, I strongly suggest purchasing from Lunar Scooters…they will be in business years from now, and back up their product with great advice and follow up…happy scootering!!…

    • Keith G.


      WOW. 1K miles. That is awesome.

      This is such an honest and helpful review- I am sure riders will have some follow up questions for you, which I encourage them to ask here on the review section, or they can email us directly and we can continue to offer support. Once again thanks for writing this for others and great advice about the chain. Absolutely great tips. To make it very clear, we did not pay or ask Chuck S. to write this review. He did this on his own because he loves his Lunar Rocket.

      Happy and safe continued riding Chuck. Waiting to see the next review at 2 thousand miles.

  46. Brian

    Love my rocket. I’m 6’2 320 I know more than allowed but no issues at all with this machine. Pulls me no problem at all . I use mine to fish with so I’m also pulling 20 +lb carp with me also and still no troubles . Love it love it !!!!.lunar has my business forever .Does 29-33 mph with me on flat and no issues climbing hills at all. I give it 5 ++ stars. I call it a machine just because of the torque you would think you were on a combustible gas powered machine . Never would’ve thought a electric scooter would be so torquey.Im a believer in LUNAR FOREVER !!!!. Keep up the fantastic job Keith and co. Great job on a awesome MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Keith G.

      Brian. If I was to hire a paid review writer I would def hire you. That’s great, I’m glad you are enjoying the machine. Happy I was able to convince you on the phone that this machine was right for you. If you would be so kind, show the lunar crowd a picture of your fishing success next to the scooter.

      Happy and safe riding-

  47. David G.

    4 stars- Would be 5 if all the extra accessories arrived on Time. Granted they all came, but took about 2 weeks to get everything. Scooter came first, Then the light, and my horn came last- All in all the scooter is amazing, just wish the horn and light came with it. Thats all.

  48. DaVonte Jones

    My name is DeVonte and I own the rocket-
    I am very happy with this purchase-
    I like that its big, fast and foldable
    I use it for commuting to work in the city
    Get the horn (its loud af) as its needed for safety
    thank you

    • Keith G.

      Mr. Jones,

      The rocket is indeed big, fast and super fun to ride and easy to fold. The audible horn we sell is super effective and LOUD. Thanks for rating.

  49. Joe Valdivia (verified owner)

    I recieved the Lunar 1800 watt scooter days ago. I didnt know what to really expect, but man was is suprised. This scooter is a beast of a scooter. I was terrified in a good way to ride this scooter right from the get go.
    However, after i started to get a feel for the ride of the scooter and my initial fear, I couldn’t hold back my pure joy. Side note, i have never been on an electric scooter before, or anything similar. I wanted this to be a pure first time experience. Thank God i never rode on a bird or lime scooter before this. This scooter is an instant hit. Money well spent. Oh and by the way…. Buy a helmet, this is definitely needed. This is as advertised. Definitely not a toy to be taken lightly.

    • Keith G.


      Great pic. May the force be with you. Love the star wars t-shirt-

      Thanks for the review and for letting riders know about wearing a helmet- Definitely needed with the rocket as you can literally go from 0-35/40 in seconds.

  50. Richard Hale

    Hi guys this is my third scooter I brought from L.S I am still waiting for the 2019 rocket scooter I hope that it comes really really soon I want to ride it by September tenth thank you guys hope to hear from you, R .H

    • Keith G.

      Hi Richard, Thanks so much for your continued support and love for our products. The Rockets are in and have already been shipped out so you will be getting yours shortly. Thanks again for your patience and have an out of this world ride today!

  51. Matt Dascanio

    Hi. I havent bought one yet but Im going to with my tax money. This year ! I love this scooter!
    Absolutley amazing ! Thank you Lunar. I cant wait to get one .

    • Keith G.

      Sweet dude. Its worth it. Let me know how we can help.

  52. Gscastellano

    I would just like to say this is my first review ever with that said what great peaple at lunar scooters. When I left a voice mail they called back with in a day or 2 and wanted to answer any questions I had with enthusiasm. Nicely built scooters and tons of fun and great service they have helped me every time it counts ! Thank you to the peaple at lunar

    • Keith G.

      Congrats on your first ever review!! Your review will help many others make educated decisions about buying from Lunar Scooters. Thank you so much again for posting. It means the world to us! Have a great day.

  53. Chuck Sprauer

    …fellow Rocket owners…and future owners…WHAT A MACHINE!!…after my 20th charge since purchase (I’m retired), this baby keeps making me smile…20 charges at minimum 25 miles per charge equal my 500 mile estimate…
    NOTES: I find that I rarely use “turbo” button…neighborhoods speed limits are 25-35…no need for faster, but if a big ferocious mutt chases me, HE’S TOAST…added orange ground effects, mirror, lights, front and rear…suggest to lubricate pivot points to get rid of any squeaks…took off the knobby tires and purchased street replacements…huge difference in handling, noise, and stability…maybe even added a mile or two MPH…I am 63 and was a little shaky standing up, but with the street tires…VERY COMFORTABLE…knobbys are great for the trails but my riding is ALL street, and these tires are fine in grass also…and sooo quiet now…one things for sure however…I definitely do not want to try THAT again!!…I would recommend the change and have suggested to Lunar owner, Keith that, in addition to carrying the entire rear wheel with new knobby, sprocket, and brake disk already ON THE RIM, he should try to stock the same with the street tire…after buying the tires, a three pack of special tools for 20 bucks, after I PUNCTURED two tubes trying to put new tires on the rim, in addition to getting the knobby tires OFF…wow, really fought it…so I think the 80 bucks Lunar charges for the whole shebang, done and on the rim, IS A DEAL…also had to find matching orange paint afterward to fix the rims after marring the paint all up trying to get the tire on!!…and…I COULDN’T RIDE FOR FOUR FULL DAYS!!…OMG!!…I definitely will buy my parts from Lunar, they stand behind what they sell…theres a lot of Chinese-made junk out there…anyhow, all in all, it was well worth the effort…I AM LOVING MY ROCKET…and Lunar Scooters is THE ONLY place I would ever recommend…HAPPY SCOOTERING!!

    • Keith G.


      500 miles! WOW! Sounds like the rocket is performing exactly as it should. We will certainly take your advice and consider adding street performance tires to our parts page as well. Thanks for giving riders an update after putting some serious use on the machine- It really helps riders know that these things are not cheap construction and made to last a lifetime! Thanks again for the comment and happy safe riding.

  54. Nicholas Auriemma

    Overall Fantastic BEAST of a Scooter, Highly Reccomended

    My 2 Cents:

    1. Box and scooter is very heavy and requires 1 very strong person or 2 people to lift
    2. Assembly is minimal -wheel and handle bars, took me 30 mins total
    3. Battery out of the box only took 4 hours to full charge (i guess arrives partially charged?)
    4. Scooter is a lot larger and heavier than I expected, very high quality
    5. I had a blast riding this thing and I am 6’2″ tall and weigh 260 pounds
    6. I reached top speed of 31 on flat surface and 35 going down a hill. I rode 8 miles in 30 minutes (average 16 mph city) and had over half charge left over at the end
    7. Suspension is amazing i could not feel any bumps or potholes.
    8. Couldn’t find much info on PSI in tires, easy to fill I put 30 PSI in both front and back worked great!
    9. I also added some grease to the chain which doesnt really have any on it from factory.

    Condiser: purchasing LED headlight/taillight so people will see you, also I recommend side mirrors.

    • Keith G.

      Hey Nicholas-

      Thanks for this detailed and very helpful review- Here are some responses to some of your points to make your riding experience more exciting

      1. Scooter weighs 74 pounds, and with padding from the box when it ships is around 85 pounds- so yes you need a strong set of arms
      2. assembly is indeed minimal- happy it was easy for you
      3. The battery does indeed come partially charged- always charge fully before taking it for your first voyage
      4. Awesome- We know its BADASS!
      5. Also awesome- kICK ASS!
      6. You purchased the 2018 model- all 2019 models now have a larger chain and sprocket taking away some take off torque (potential for wheelies) but giving you a 7mph increased top speed-
      7. the big suspension is very helpful for bumps-
      8. The proper psi pressure for the tires are 35 PSI
      9. Using lithium based grease is ideal for the chain- It is greased minimally from the factory though
      10. Agree about purchasing our LED lights and taillights- They help a ton-

      Thanks again for this review-

  55. Damarsi O. (verified owner)

    Owned it for 4 weeks. No issues at all. We LOVE IT! It is super fast.

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hello Damarsi,

      Thanks for buying from us. We know its fast, just ride safe and always wear a helmet and follow rules- With so much attention on these things now its always great to set a good example for all others to see.

  56. Eli Goncalves

    I’d like to know how long does the battery last after a full charge, if I drive non stop. Could anybody help me with that question?

    • Keith G. (verified owner)

      Hey Eli,

      Based on 150 pound rider and flat terrain- the machines can go between 26-30 miles-

  57. Dieuby Bernard

    The scooter arrived to house and I couldn’t wait to put it together. Putting it together was quick easy. All around the scooter is great, money well spent.

    • Keith G.

      Hey Dieuby,

      Happy the machine was easy to put together- Make sure to charge fully before first ride and follow safety/maintenance instructions.

  58. Chuck Sprauer (verified owner)

    Put around 15 miles on my new Rocket today…my community loves golf carts…got an offer already to trade for a cart…NO WAY!!…this machine is an animal!!…love it…was a little skeptical upon order because China manufacturing often is pretty shoddy…The rocket is well built, with quality parts, and is quite sturdy…its height was a little hard to get used to since I’ve been riding on an old Huffy “Buzz” for years…the speed is almost scary…by the way, Keith, owner of Lunar Scooters more often than not, answers the phone when you call…good guy, helpful and informative…Thanks for all your help Keith!!

    • Keith G.


      Thanks for the awesome review. I do my best to help every rider that joins our team. Super thrilled you love the Lunar Rocket and happy you are helping spead the word about our scooters. So cool about that potential trade! The Rocket can outperform any golf cart any day of the week, so keep your rocket and keep them jealous.

  59. Eshan Kearney

    Ha, this thing is insane fast I cant imagine going 40 plus as I am a 67 year old. I am 6 foot 3 and I can stand up fully. I choose to sit down as I my knees hurt on long trips so having a seat is great. I spoke with the owner I believe and he helped me with my purchase. I was originally looking at the Lunar Cruiser model but he directed me towards this because it has a removable seat. I was scared because it weights almost double of that of the cruiser that it would be to heavy, but because I can remove the battery it makes moving it around easier. I am very happy with my purchase and its been 2 months I am just doing it because I love the product. I would have put 5 stars if it came with some free accessories. That would be nice. I realize they make some money selling those but I wish it came standard. I wanted a light so purchased that after market.

    • Keith G.

      Hey Eshan,

      Rock on man! Sorry about having to buy that light separate but we actually do that for security and safety. We have noticed that scooter models that have lights built in were more susceptible to being stolen and or the lights ripped off the machine causing damage. By selling our lights and accessories to be able to be quickly removed this helps combat that issue. Thanks again though for the review and for helping our business.


  60. Dean V.

    Hey LS team, was waiting to write my review. Happy 420, your typical California guy here. This is the only scooter I have ever had that can handle my hills where I am located. I am not lightweight, 230 pounds give or take.

    I love this machine. It’s only 2 weeks old now so still too new to tell if it will hold up over time but it seems to be great construction so I have no doubts it should last a while. It would be cool if next model had an option for solar charging. I have to bring this upstairs, but Its still all good. Very happy with my purchase.

    • Keith G.

      Hi Dean,

      LOL, happy holidays to you. Hopefully, the rocket is keeping you high in the skies!! Thanks for the love and support man! BTW, the battery is removable and has its own carrying case. So all you have to do is remove that pack (takes about 10 seconds to unplug and bring the bag with you to charge outside of the machine). The rocket comes with an included adapter that will allow you to take the battery out and charge it anywhere without the need to have it hooked into the machine. Always follow safety instructions for charging.

  61. Douglas Cássia

    I have only had this thing less than a week, but could not help but give my 2 cents. I am a Lunar customer for years. had the 1200 lithium and the cruiser model for myself and kids. This new model is incredible in every sense of the word. So much power its almost scary. I had my neighbor race with the 1200 lithium next to mine and it was no contest. The rocket is exactly what it claims. I love the customer support if I ever need anything and I also love the fact that I usually don’t have any issues with machines, other than just normal wear from all the riding we do as a family. I love the rockets huge wheels. I thought they might not stand up to par as well as the 1200 lithiums wider tire, but these can in fact do everything my lithium model can. They are rouhgly same weight but its night and day with things performance. I have really nothing but great things to share with others about this model. I do wish it had a carbon fiber like my 1200 but I get that they try and keep the cost down. I can always add that aftermarket which i might do. They are def onto something with this machine. Thanks, guys for everything. Cant’ wait to see what you come up with next, but for now this suits my needs perfect…thanks

    • Keith G.

      Hi Douglass, you are very welcome. Thanks for being a loyal LS customer over the years. Happy the Lunar Rocket is exceeding all of our expectations. Remember to always be safe and wear a helmet riding the rocket!

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