2018 Lunar Rocket™ 1800 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter)

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Lunar Scooters is excited to announce the all-new 2018 Lunar Rocket™ 1800 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter). This is the world’s fastest stand up / sit down electric scooter. Speeds ups to 45 MPH, 30 miles per charge, and 3x the torque of our 1200 watt lithium and 4x the torque of our lead-acid battery models, which will take a 200 LB rider up any hill with ease. We put 14″ knobby tires on this beast, dual suspension, dual front and rear disc brakes, which separates this scooter from any other scooter in its class. We added aluminum to the frame making this scooter a lightweight 75 LBS. This is the Lunar Rocket and it’s time to take off!

  • World’s most powerful & fastest standup/sitdown electric scooter ever made!
  • Most Powerful 1800 Watt BRUSHLESS 48v Electric Motor
  • 48v 50a 18ah Lithium Battery. Rides full speed 90% of the charge
  • 4x the torque, hill climb power & take off speed of 1000 watt series
  • Pulls 200 LB rider up any size hill with ease. No hill kit needed for this beast
  • 22 pounds lighter than other models, weighs only 75 lbs
  • Speeds up to 40-45 mph (based on riders weight and terrain)*
  • upgraded knobby 14″ tires & aluminum rims
  • Folding frame that locks in place in under 2 seconds
  • 24-30 miles per charge ***(based on riders weight and terrain)
  • Removable seat in 2 seconds
  • Econo/turbo Mode Throttle w/ battery indicator
  • No License or Permit Required * (check local state laws)
  • Free Shipping (for a limited time only)
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  • High performance lithium battery pack 48v 50a 18ah
  • Lithium quick charger
  • Bigger chrome front & rear Fforks
  • Chrome front mono-swing shock
  • Rear dual shocks (for super smooth rides and bump forgiveness)
  • Big comfort seat (removable and adjustable height)
  • Stainless steel bolts w/ nylon lock nuts
  • High quality front & rear disc brakes
  • Huge knobby road 14″ Tires with upgraded aluminum rims (Largest wheels on any model ever sold)
  • Uses hi-tech 1800watt 40a 48v smart controller box
  • Improved fuse housing & battery cable gauge
  • Extended frame (5″ longer 3″ taller then 1000w scooters)
  • Improved chrome kickstand w/built-in shock absorber
  • Econo/Turbo mode button (with the push of button cut the power to the battery in half to preserve distance)
  • Free external charging adapter included (you can remove the battery instantly and charge it outside of the scooter)
  • COLORS: Please specify in the checkout screen what color you want. Otherwise, the available stock will be shipped. Color choices are atomic orange or interstellar white

This is no toy! In fact, many call it the Tesla of scooters:

The 2018 Lunar Rocket™ boasts speeds of 40-45 mph, distances per charge of about 30 miles, and 3x the torque of our 1200 watt lithium and 4x the torque of our lead-acid battery models; it can easily be called the Tesla of electric scooters.

We put 14″ bigger knobby tires on this scooter along with a chain twice as thick as any other chain on any other electric scooter, so it can handle this speed and torque without sacrificing any safety. These tires can handle any terrain thrown at it. It is equipped with a high output 50a 48v 18ah LifePo4 Lithium battery; it is 80% larger and has double the output of the battery we use in our 1000-lithium. This is the world’s fastest and most powerful built electric scooter in its class. Recommended age is 16 years old and up.

How much faster is our Rocket than all other models sold?

How much faster is our newest Lunar Rocket than every other model we have ever sold? Well, the quick answer is 5,400 rpm’s faster. To give a point of reference our Lunar Scooter 1000 model hits only 2,800 rpm’s (revolutions per minute). Our next biggest machine, the 1200 lithium model tops out with a motor rotation speed of 3,200 rpm’s. The 2018 Lunar Rocket 1800 hits an incredibly insane 5,400 rpm of speed. It is honestly ready to take off and can even do wheelies it has so much torque!

What is the difference between a brushed and brushless electric motor?

The 2018 Lunar Rocket™ 1800 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter) uses the newest technology and houses a brushless motor. The basic difference is: brushless motors are a more advanced technology that produces double the power, run cooler, are more efficient, and longer lasting. Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient whereas brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient. This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat. For a more detailed difference simply Google “Brushed vs Brushless Motors”.

Lunar Rocket 1800 Specifications:

  • MOTOR: BRUSHLESS 1800 watts 48 volts of raw power. (Fastest electric scooter ever made. Rated at 5400 rpms).
  • BATTERIES: highest quality lithium 48v 50a 18ah lithium battery pack UL listed (underwriters laboratories).
  • BATTERY LIFE: 1400 cycles on average (By the time you will need to replace this battery it will be so long we might have a flying lunar scooter!)
  • CHARGE SYSTEM: 110V Lithium Smart Charger UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories). 2-color LED status indicator
  • CONTROLLER: Hi-Tech 1800watt 40amp Smart Power Control Box
  • TOP MAX SPEED: 40-45 mph. 40mph flat road w/ 180 lb. rider & 45mph max speed downhill ***
  • RANGEUp to 30 miles (based on 180lb rider, avg speed & flat road) ***
  • DRIVE: Chain (upgraded to larger size and sprocket size from 1200 lithium model)
  • BRAKES: Disc/Caliper (Front & Rear)
  • WHEELS: Alum. Mag Rim
  • SEAT: Adjustable and removable seat that can be adjusted to any height up and down.
  • TIRES: Huge 14″ x 3″ Off/On road tires (these tires include an inner tube, same style as a bicycle)
  • HANDLEBARS: Billet Stem – 20″ Race Bars
  • FORKS: Full Suspension Chrome Mono Swing Design (Front & Rear)
  • FOLDING: Yes-locking (Once the handles bars lock down into folded position the whole scooter can be picked up from the stem easily)
  • DECK: ABS non-slip UPVC
  • FRAME: High-tensile Steel & Chrome
  • WEIGHT: 75 LBS
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 350 lbs.
  • COLORSPlease specify in the checkout screen what color you want. Otherwise, the available stock will be shipped. Color choices are atomic orange or interstellar white
  • SCOOTER DIMENSIONS: 52 inches long, 16 inches at its widest point and 45 inches off ground to top of handlebars. When folded it is just a sleek 20 inches off the ground.

Why Buy from Lunar Scooters?

We love our Lunar Scooter riders. Don’t just take our word for it, read all of our honest real customer reviews. We know our electric scooters like no other company. We have 24-hour online email support with trained mechanics to help you with any issue at any time. You can also call us during business hours for help over the phone and get the answers you need. We even video chat (Facetime, Skype) for easy over the phone support. We have every single part for our scooters in stock at all times.

We stay one step above the competition & nobody in the USA beats our customer service, pricing, and quality.



Click the links below to see our most common frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please call us toll-free at 1-877-827-4264.

How much faster is the Lunar Rocket than the Lunar Scooter 1200 lithium

The Lunar Rocket, in addition to having many other upgraded features, is considerably faster than the Lunar Scooter 1200. With the added 500 watts and added RPM from its more powerful motor, the scooter is now capable of hitting speeds close to 40-45 mph. The most noticeable difference, however, is its increased take-off speed. In addition, this scooter is capable of carrying a 350-pound rider up hills—now that’s power! 

Does the Lunar Rocket fold?

Yes. The Lunar Rocket folds in under 2 seconds!

Does the Lunar Rocket come with a warranty?

Lunar Scooters offers a FULL 30-day bumper-to-bumper part warranty on the whole scooter. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. If you have questions about our warranty, please visit the “Return Policy” section at the bottom of the page. You may also e-mail us at 

How easy is the Lunar Rocket to assemble?

The Lunar Rocket comes 80% pre-assembled right to your door. All you have to do is follow the easy to read instructions (which include visuals and pictures of the Lunar Rocket) to easily finish assembling your new ride. Check out our option to have your Lunar Scooter fully assembled and delivered to your door. This option is only available in certain areas, so please check availability.

And of course if you need additional help, please call us toll free and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Will my Lunar Rocket go up hills?

Yes.  With more than 4x the torque of our 1000 series and 3x the torque of our 1200 lithium series this machine can handle any hill with a 200 lb rider.

Does the Lunar Rocket plug into a standard outlet?

Yes. The Lunar Rocket charges by being plugged into any standard 120 Volt outlet. Your acceleration throttle has three convenient LED lights (labeled MaxMidMin) which light up and indicate the remaining charge on the battery.

How lightweight is the Lunar Rocket?

The Lunar Rocket weighs just 75 pounds total. If you need to take the scooter up a flight of stairs and want to reduce the weight, the battery pack is easily removable and weighs just 12 pounds (making the scooter without the battery just over 60 pounds).

How long will it take to ship to me?

Once your order is placed, scooters and accessories take typically 3 – 7  business days to arrive anywhere within the continental U.S. You are also emailed tracking codes on all items so you can track all products right on the UPS store.

Are they as much fun to ride as they look?


Once you ride one of the Lunar Scooters you will quickly realize “They’re out of this world.”


* It is the customers’ responsibility to check with their local authority since license laws vary state by state.
** Off-road capability not to be confused with “trail rated” capability.  The LS Rocket is best suited for paved surfaces; however, travel on gravel, dirt, and firm sand is possible.
***Distances and speeds are provided solely as estimates
Disclaimer: The Lunar Scooter is intended for mature adult riders ages 16 years and older.

Please visit our returns/warranties and safety page before checking out as well. 


Call us toll free at 1-877-827-4264


1 review for 2018 Lunar Rocket™ 1800 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Douglas Cássia

    I have only had this thing less than a week, but could not help but give my 2 cents. I am a Lunar customer for years. had the 1200 lithium and the cruiser model for myself and kids. This new model is incredible in every sense of the word. So much power its almost scary. I had my neighbor race with the 1200 lithium next to mine and it was no contest. The rocket is exactly what it claims. I love the customer support if I ever need anything and I also love the fact that I usually don’t have any issues with machines, other than just normal wear from all the riding we do as a family. I love the rockets huge wheels. I thought they might not stand up to par as well as the 1200 lithiums wider tire, but these can in fact do everything my lithium model can. They are rouhgly same weight but its night and day with things performance. I have really nothing but great things to share with others about this model. I do wish it had a carbon fiber like my 1200 but I get that they try and keep the cost down. I can always add that aftermarket which i might do. They are def onto something with this machine. Thanks, guys for everything. Cant’ wait to see what you come up with next, but for now this suits my needs perfect…thanks

    • Keith G.

      Hi Douglass, you are very welcome. Thanks for being a loyal LS customer over the years. Happy the Lunar Rocket is exceeding all of our expectations. Remember to always be safe and wear a helmet riding the rocket!

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